How to clean your Purevision contact lenses

Posted by juliabennet on October 6th, 2012

The polymers such as silicone hydrogels and polymethyl methacrylate used in manufacturing Purevision contact lenses require more care and attention than glass. This is because these materials have the tendency to attract germs and other microorganisms because of their moist and wet surfaces. These germs and microorganisms cause a great threat to the eye. Some of these germs and contaminants may increase the eye defect, thereby causing another problem to your vision. You can avoid these circumstances by cleaning your Proclear contact lenses on a daily basis. Cleaning your contact lenses on a regular basis will prevent germs and dust from settling on them. You can clean your contact lenses with numerous solutions and liquid cleaners that are readily available on today’s market. 

Daily cleaning solutions are the most common liquid solutions used for cleaning Proclear lenses. The chemicals such as benzyl alcohol and thoimersal that are present in these cleaners, destroy germs or minute dust particles that settle on your contact lenses. These chemicals thoroughly clean the Proclear contact lenses by loosening the dust particles and this liquid contact lens cleaner is simple to use. All you have to do is soak you contact lenses in this solution for an hour and then thoroughly rinse with cold or lukewarm water. Ensure that each side of the lens is cleaned well. Daily cleaners are also known to increase the oxygen permeability of Purevision contact lenses. This means that the moisture of the lens is maintained for several hours.    

Multipurpose cleaners are another prominent method employed for cleaning and preserving Purevision contact lenses. These cleaners, as the name suggests, feature a multitude of cleaning agents and chemicals that promise to keep your contact lenses dust and germ-free. Multipurpose solutions contain preservatives and chemicals such as benzalkonium chloride, thiomersal, and benzyl alcohol that effectively destroy germs and harmful microorganisms. These chemicals not only clean your Proclear contact lenses, but also preserve them by increasing their moisture levels and oxygen permeability. Multipurpose cleaning solutions are readily available at reasonable prices.

Some Proclear contact lenses accumulate protein deposits on their surface. These protein deposits have a tendency to severely damage your eyes and vision. In this circumstance you should purchase enzymatic cleaners that will effectively dissolve protein deposits accumulated on your contact lenses. Soak your Purevision contact lenses in this cleaning solution for at least two hours; you may even soak it overnight and then rinse your contact lenses thoroughly with lukewarm water. It is highly recommended by leading medical researchers and experienced opticians to clean protein deposits on a weekly basis.

Saline solutions are one of the best known preservatives available on the market these days. These solutions, however, do not clean your Purevision contact lenses, but they do guarantee to moisten them. These solutions comprise of mild chemicals such as sodium chloride or salt, which is most commonly found in anti-inflammatory eyedrops. This chemical usually disinfects the contact lenses. Saline solutions are safe to use and are also known for increasing oxygen permeability of your Proclear contact lenses. Thus, by using these cleaning solutions, you can increase the shelf life of your contact lenses.

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