Split system air conditioner: A great means to combat the intolerable summer hea

Posted by maryparker on October 6th, 2012

With the global warming increasing, using an air conditioning system has become a necessity. The air conditioners have a good demand in the regions like Australia where people install air conditioners in their homes and offices to cope up with the long hot summers. To deal with the increasing demand for the air conditioning systems, the electronics companies all around the world are introducing different types of air conditioning units. The cost of each of these climate controlling machines varies with its features and level of efficiency. The split system air conditioner is a popular choice in the market. It is, in fact, one of the most frequently used air conditioning systems. Just as an air conditioning system is a necessity in the overly hot countries, a ducted gas heating system is important for those living in the cold countries.

A split system air conditioner, though mostly used in residential buildings, can be installed in commercial buildings like small shops and offices that have cooling requirements. Like a split air conditioning system, a ducted gas heating unit can be used to meet the heating requirements of homes and office buildings.

A split system air conditioner comes with two main parts: an indoor fan or evaporator unit and an outdoor compressor. The two parts are attached using a conduit that has electrical wiring, condensate tubing and refrigerant lines.  The indoor unit is mounted on the wall of the room that has cooling requirements. The outdoor compressor can be placed in any location outside the home, but within 50 feet of the indoor unit.

How is a split air conditioning system different from other air conditioning machines? A split system air conditioner, unlike most other air conditioning units, does not need ductwork and  can therefore be easily installed. As mentioned above, the indoor evaporator and the outdoor compressor are connected with electric wires and tubing, and this saves energy expenditures. The ductwork needed for most of the conventional air conditioning units pushes up energy expenditures while several centralized systems lose considerable energy because of the heat exchange in the duct unit. Since the split air conditioning machines come without a duct system there is little chance for energy or heat loss.

Let us discuss about the advantages of the split air conditioning systems in some detail. Here are the most prominent benefits of a split system air conditioner:

•             Hassle-free Installation: A split air conditioning unit is easy to install because it does not involve any duct work.

•             Maintenance is Easy: Split air conditioners can be easily maintained. You just need to wash the filters periodically to keep the machine running for years.

•             Quiet Operation: The split air conditioners can be installed in classrooms, hospitals and libraries since they do not produce any noise during their operation.

Like a split air conditioning unit, a ducted gas heating unit also comes with a number of benefits. The ducted gas heating systems are highly useful for the people living in the regions that experience extreme temperatures during winters. These systems provide you with heating even when the temperatures drop well below zero degrees Celsius.

Are you looking for a split air conditioner? If “yes”, you can approach us. Apart from split air conditioners, we also provide ducted gas heating units.

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