A ducted heating system can be your friend in winter

Posted by maryparker on October 6th, 2012

Global warming has turned the warm season warmer and the cool days cooler, thus pushing up the demand of consumer goods like ducted heating systems and air conditioners. While the heating units prove to be highly useful during the coldest months, the air conditioners are used when people fail to cope up with the intolerable summer heat. Whether you want to buy a heating system or an air conditioner, you can contact the air conditioners Newcastle companies. These companies in Newcastle are the dealers of both ducted air conditioning and heating units.

A ducted heating system circulates the hot air through the walls and the floors. There are different types of ducted heaters available in the market. You can try out any model to keep your home and office warm and comfortable during the winter months. Approaching a reliable air conditioners Newcastle firm will help you get the best quality heating system.

A ducted heating system is an effective means to heat residential and commercial properties. The ducted gas heating units are extremely popular in the market. There are various reasons behind the popularity of these central heating systems. First of all, they are not as costly as the ductless systems. Secondly, they are more efficient than the space heaters. If you are planning to by a ducted gas heating system, you can contact a reputed air conditioners Newcastle agency.

A ducted heating system features duct, a return air grille, a furnace and floor, wall or ceiling registers. The furnace is generally installed under the floor of a residential or commercial building. The fan draws in the surrounding cold air and then transports it to the heat exchanger and warms it up. Ducting ensures that the warm air is uniformly distributed all through out the residence or office. The ducts are generally placed under the floor.

The ducted heating units are often categorized on the basis of the types of the controllers. The models that come with programmable controllers can be set to turn on and off according to your requirements. To cite an example: you can program the device to turn on before you wake up in the morning and turn off after you leave the home. On the other hand, the systems which come with manual controllers can be turned on and off manually as and when needed. No matter which type of ducted heater you choose, you will find it very easy to install the heater. You can ask the heater installation technician to install the device through the ceiling. Another prominent benefit of these heaters is that they can be zoned so that so that you can specifically heat the region of your house you are using.

The ducting outlets vary with the models of the heaters. A ducted gas heater needs a minimum of six ducting outlets for its operation. An average home needs between six to ten ducting outlets, while the larger residences can have about 16 outlets, depending on the design and insulation capacity of the house and the ceiling heights. You can contact a premier air conditioners Newcastle firm to have a premium quality ducted heater.

Are you hunting for a ducted heating system to cope with the chilly weather? If so, you can contact our company for air conditioners Newcastle.

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