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Rich History of Kantha Dresses in India

Posted by shivalayajaipur on May 30th, 2020

The state of West Bengal is known for also a variety of folk art and its rich culture. Kantha is an embroidery design that is running one of the most common folk art types. The girls of this state train in making Kantha quilts and a lot of other things. This art form has achieved a particular place within the subject of craft and art.

The Origin of Kantha

This art proudly boasts of century's source. Indian fabrics have a long and vast history. It goes back to over five hundred years. Over time, Kantha dresses spread appeal worldwide, and this art form has evolved.

As to shield themselves from cold, the women of West Bengal usually wear Kantha saris. Kantha work involves complicated artistic work done by the weavers with the blend of beautiful embroidery in the decorative stitch that is running. The traditional work on the Kantha saris from the form of birds, motifs, animals, and shapes seems incredibly fabulous.

It is practiced in Shantiniketan and Bolpur districts, which is around 180 kilometers north of the capital of Kolkata. Kantha has become a medium of earning to the natives of this region.

Kantha embroidery may sometimes portray some of those moments of her life and is a job of the creativity of a woman. Floral designs, birds, animals, scenes from everyday life & events that are occasional, and patterns are the most bizarre themes.

It requires just two raw materials a cloth and threads. Traditionally, blue, red, and black embroidery was performed on white background. Gradually, other colors such as green and yellow also found its place. Simple in design, this original art form is mostly performed on dresses, dhotis, and saris. Closely knitted, easy, vibrant stitches create several beautiful Kantha patterns. The stitches impart a wrinkled end to the cloth. The border of the cloth would run across.

Archilata, Nakshi Sujani, Oaar, and Rumal are various different parts of the world and some kinds of Kantha common in Bengal. Of these, Nakshi Kantha has gained significant fame.

Kantha embroidery is used for the different items of daily use. Since the 19th century, it has been used to prepare pillow covers, blankets, quilts, and bedsheets. Kantha has become a significant fashion statement. The need for Kantha quilts, stitched dupattas & saris men's kurtas are skyrocketing in recent times.

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