Tubular Heaters or Fan Heaters- Different Heaters That Suit Your Space

Posted by adairsawyer on October 8th, 2012

In this article, a look will be taken at the different types of heaters that are available for domestic and commercial use. Attention will be paid to the design of tubular heaters and fan heaters and how the actual design of these heaters can affect the suitability of that heater in heating your space.

Let us start from the beginning. A fan heater basically blows the air that has been heated via a heating element through a vent and around a certain area in order to heat it. Fan heaters are very cost effective and easy to run as well as maintain. They require very little by way of electrical current in order to run and very seldom overheat. Like most fans, a certain amount of noise is expected to be aware of this but overall this is an excellent way in which to heat a small, medium or even large space. Now in the selection process of a heater you need to keep several factors in mind, one of which is the efficiency of the heater (how well does it work) and the other important one the cost. Another factor that should be kept in mind when considering fan heaters is how much control you are the user has over the device. You do not want to get a heater that comes pre-set in terms of how high or how hot the heater can get. You want a heater that allows you to control how hot the heater gets as well as how large an area the heater will heat. Another point to consider is how the heat inside of fan heaters, are generated. In some instances, the heat inside of the heater is generated via electric elements or coils. These coils are heated via electricity and that heat is dispersed. In other instances, the heat is generated by a hydraulic heating system and in still others via kerosene or gas.

Tubular heaters generate and disperse heat over a large surface area. Air movement over the heated area then deals with the dispersal of this heat. Tubular heaters tend to be used more in various cooking applications and can be found in a variety of commercial settings. These heaters utilize infrared radiation in order to heat their designated area hence they are predominantly seen in ovens and grills that require a certain amount of pre heating. The coolest thing about this type of heater is the capability it has to adapt to fit the environment that it will be used in from a domestic standpoint to even a commercial standpoint, tubular heaters can be adapted to suit any environment and still be very cost and energy effective.

At the end of the day, the final choice as to the size and even type of heater that will be used in your space is up to you. Just keep in mind that each type has its advantages and drawbacks and you will need to weight these before you make your final choice. Your aim at the end of this process is to get and stay warm and either of these options will help you do that.

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