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Why You Should Use An Online Marketing Agency For Business Development

Posted by DigitalMonk on May 30th, 2020

Every company in Calgary needs to develop new business, but many are relying on outdated, manual techniques to do so. Using an online marketing agency Calgary for business development is a fast and effective way to do the pre-funnel touchpoints that will inevitably turn a potential customer into a qualified sales lead.

Online marketing agencies are able to create campaigns and processes to automate business development by sourcing your target audience and building interest with them. Using a marketing agency in Calgary allows your team to leverage expertise to ensure time, money and staff resources are used efficiently and effectively. Marketing automation improves your customer experience as well, which promotes repeat customers and referrals, so an online agency with expertise in this area is what you need.

  1. An online marketing agency has the skills & expertise to optimize and produce campaigns much more efficiently, allowing you and your team to focus on running the business and servicing your clients. Marketing agencies in Calgary typically set up processes, tools and accounts, optimize key assets like your website for better traffic results and create the RIGHT type of content to attract leads. They also know how to put the right systems in place for tracking and reporting that will help your business to gain data that provides important insights into your business.
  1. Business development is very expensive to do manually. The cost of labour, or your time as a business owner, is high and may not yield the right results. It’s also quite challenging to track effectiveness. Using an online marketing agency can significantly reduce your acquisition costs on new customers and it will provide critical insights that help you to adjust processes where needed and ultimately makes your business more agile.
  1. Working with an online marketing agency allows you to save costs on important marketing tools as well. In many cases, agencies either have the tools in place already, or know how to maximize free to low cost tools.
  1. Experienced marketers know the ins and outs of customer experience and can help your company truly stand out during the business development process. By leveraging bots, live chat and autoresponders, the very first touchpoints a customer has with your company are handled quickly and with very little friction. Automation can booking sales appointments, recommend videos and articles and direct prospects to the first step information they need. It’s known that 80% of the buying process happens before someone reaches a sales person, so using the experience of an online marketing agency will help you maximize opportunities to the fullest.

Hiring an online marketing agency in Calgary for business development provides an excellent return on the investment. The expertise alone is well worth the cost, but you will also find you cut down dramatically on wasted time and money by optimizing all of your efforts, as well as automating business development processes. You will also notice an increase in the quality of leads and overall customer satisfaction when potential clients are able to connect with your company faster and more efficiently.

Overall, working with an online marketing agency is a no-brainer for small businesses in Calgary looking to maximize their business development efforts, drive more leads and ultimately increase revenues. We’d love to explore how Digital Monk Marketing could be that agency for your business - Reach out today to book a discovery call!

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