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The 5 Tips to Choose the Best Math Tutoring Service

Posted by nancylincolncl on May 30th, 2020

Math tutoring services are often the best fit to find your child additional learning support. They offer a dedicated time & an environment that is centred on learning, progress and success and can often be much more flexible than an individual private tutor. Once you’ve decided to find a math tutoring service that fits your needs, you’ll likely be wondering what to look for and how to assess the various options available. Here are 5 tips to help you choose the best online math tutoring NE Calgary Service.

  1. Past History - Look into the math tutoring company’s reputation, reviews and track record for any glaring red flags or misalignment with your needs. You should see evidence of previous results, testimonials and reviews from past students that demonstrate their ability to provide support and results in the areas of your child’s goals
  1. Qualified staff - Find out how the instructors with each service are vetted and what the hiring criteria is. Many companies will require teaching degrees, some only prior tutoring experience and many will have staff trained in their specific methods. While all can be great options, you’ll want to know this upfront so you’re choosing the right qualifications for your child’s needs
  1. Flexible Schedule - It’s critical that you set up a time for tutoring sessions that your child can consistently attend around school and other commitments. Some math tutoring services have limited hours so be sure to check that it’s a good time fit for both the tutor and your family
  1. Affordable in your budget - Maintaining consistent sessions is critical to achieving your child’s tutoring goals and if the cost is unsustainable in your budget, you will not be able to stick with it. Discuss cost very early in the conversation and choose the best option you can afford
  1. Type of services offered - An instructor’s style and how they interact with students is the most important factor that determines a successful experience. To ensure a great fit, we suggest looking for these attributes in the math tutoring service’s philosophy and how the instructors work with students. Attributes that are critical to have are:
  • One on one lessons to ensure maximum focus
  • Assessment that finds gaps and needs
  • Individualized program built based on assessment findings and personalization
  • Goal setting that is incremental and measurable
  • Fun, interactive and caring attitudes towards learning and student relationships
  • Student led sessions where the instructor is more hands off
  • Celebrate each success, no matter how small
  • Regular check-ins on progress towards goals and re-assessment of knowledge
  • Open communication with parents

Once you’ve narrowed your choices and you’re ready to move forward with a math tutoring service, you should chat closely with your child for the first session or two to ensure it is a good fit. A great tutor will begin developing a rapport right away and will find the right goals to spark the desire to invest time and effort in the program.

At Mathnasium, we operate from a deep belief that the student relationship comes first. We strive to be the best and most reputable math tutoring service in your area, with highly qualified instructors who are not only trained in our proven method of approaching instruction, but in how to assess, connect with and inspire our students. All sessions are one on one and work on an individualized program generated from our intake assessment and goals we create with you.

Our services are structured to promote interaction, celebrating successes and producing results. Mathnasium instructors genuinely care about students and offer regular check ins and communication with parents to keep everyone on track. We’d lo

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