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Posted by camerakinguk on October 9th, 2012

Tripods are an essential photography gear and yet, one of the most ignored. How can you develop perfect pictures in the absence of the perfect equipments? Obviously, one can’t. Selecting the suitable tripod is as important as picking the right camera. For those who desire much more from their photos than simple stills, a good tripod is a must. The markets are rich with a wide variety of high quality tripods like Manfrotto Tripods or Velbon Tripods; you must understand your requisites well and make the right choice. Following are the 4 factors which are to be considered most critical while purchasing a tripod.


For those who like to break free from the civilization to capture the scenes, it is essential to consider the weight of the tripod. You have to find the perfect balance between how much stability you are expecting from the tripod and how much weight you can manage to carry. While ascertaining the weight, keep in account the weight of your other photography gear like the camera and the lenses. Usually, 5 pounds of weight in totality are considered convenient for a backpacker.


Keep eyes open for the tripods which are look-alike of reputable brands. Though, they might offer the same to what meets the eyes, the component quality can differ significantly. For those who love to shoot outdoors, it is a must to have a tripod. Snow, sun, salt and water, the tripod must be able to face the extremities of weather. The parts should be easy to clean and replace besides offering minimum maintenance.


The core purpose of a tripod is to stabilize the camera, thus ensure that it serves the purpose well. In general, heavier the tripods better the stability. Long lenses and heavy cameras need better stability. A few tripods like Manfrotto Tripods also offer a central column hook which allows you to add weight like your camera bag, to improve stability by leveraging weight. Also, keep in mind the balance between the height and stability.


The most important aspect of all is usability. Your tripod should make your photography experience more enjoyable and rich. A levelled tripod would help you in maintaining the posture for hours and prevent you from problems like ‘photographer’s back’. The tripod must also be quick to use and offer an ease of handling.

There are various best quality tripods like the Slik Tripods or the Manfrotto Tripods, which would help you, derive the maximum out of your shooting experience. These brands are easily available at the online stores and can be delivered at your doorstep with just a click of the mouse.

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