Portland couples therapy ? some points to consider

Posted by SharonEvans on October 9th, 2012

Going through Portland couples therapy or Portland marriage counseling is a very good idea especially when you are facing some problems in your relationship. It doesn't matter what the reason for the problem is - if you have the right counselor you will get the right solutions. After a few sessions you will feel that the differences between your partner and you are getting cleared and you no longer feel that you cannot cohabit. Well, all this is very nice but did you consider some salient points before you decided to go for therapy?

First of all - you need to keep a positive attitude for Portland couples therapy or Portland marriage counseling. Remember that you will be investing time and money for each session that you attend. More importantly, if you don't keep a positive attitude you will not get anything out of the sessions. You will keep thinking that nothing will work out and thus the sessions will be waste of time and money.

Secondly - list down what you want to achieve out of your Portland couples therapy or Portland marriage counseling. You need to write down why you want to see a counselor and what outcome you are looking at. It always makes sense for your partner and you list down your individual goals and share with each other. This will help you be sensitive toward each other and this is the way the therapy sessions will work out well.

It is also important to list down the problems you are facing and the exact reasons why the problems are occurring. When you start jotting down the issues you will be able to realize what the problems actually are. In many cases couples are not even aware as to why they are drifting apart. But as the two of you write down and share the problems you will have achieved some therapeutic effect automatically.

While you are writing down all the negatives about your relationship don't forget to jot down the positives too. There would be many reasons for you to have chosen your partner and the reason the two of you started the relationship. As you start writing down the positive points of each other you will automatically come closer than where you are at the moment.

Last but not the least - keep in mind that Portland couples therapy or Portland marriage counseling cannot guarantee fixes. The counselor will identify the problem areas and the possible solutions but it is the two of you that need to put in the right efforts to fix your relationship.

And while all this is nice to get prepared for your Portland couples therapy or Portland marriage counseling remember that it is an experienced counselor that can help you the best. So, it is also important that you choose your counselor wisely. Spend some time online going through some professional profiles and you shouldn’t have any issues finding the right professional for taking care of all your issues in relationship.

Before you opt for Portland couples therapy or Portland marriage counseling you should make certain preparations.


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