How To Achieve Permanent Growth By Hair Transplant

Posted by alishakhan on October 10th, 2012

One of the best ways to achieve permanent hair growth is through the food we eat. It is no wonder that you find most men have been bald for quite some time. Baldness is usually caused by a certain hormone deficit. One of the cures for this deficit is induce growth hormones in the affected areas. The hair transplant involves the use follicles. This means that it is a method or means of harvesting hair from a donor. This is carried out by transporting them as a follicular unit.

Lots of people are been affected by the "common baldness", and female or male pattern baldness. It is generally genetic & caused by the natural reactions in body that are difficult to prevent and reverse.
The medical treatments for permanent hair growth are accessible, like oral finasteride as well as topical minoxidil. However, they generally slow down or stop the hair loss, and do very little for the growth. In this scenario, you can consider the transplant, to make very good use of the remaining healthy follicles & position them in bald spots and where crowning glory is thin. The healthy follicles may continue to grow in that areas & hide or cover balding.
Transplanting is the permanent hair growth solution as healthy follicles will continue to grow healthy and strong strands in new location. Long term cost of the transplantation can be much cheaper than to pay the high maintenance fees for some other kinds of treatment and medication.

Most evident benefit of the replacement and permanent hair growth surgery is you may look younger in months, when compared to other procedures. Having the better appearance fast will give you the boost as well as have the positive influence on life. With the improved appearance, many people who undergo this surgery feel better and get more confident. Although results might differ from one patient to another, generally small scabs may have formed on the transplanted grafts in a day. It is normal, and will shed in around 10 days after this surgery. Around 7 to 15 weeks later, grafts must start to grow at normal growth rate of 1cm every month.

The procedure usually involves a surgeon using a micro blade. He proceeds to make a small incision or hole in the surface of the body. This incision makes him to separate the follicle from the rest of the body tissue. The process is repetitive until the time that the doctor feels that he has harvested enough hair for the planned procedure.  There are a number of ways to carry out this procedure. One of them is through the use of surgical tools like micro blades. They make an incision on the body which sometimes is almost painless. Once all the above techniques are combined then frontal hairline can be achieved and that one can lead to permanent growth.

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