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Posted by sophiamilller on October 10th, 2012

 First time business entrepreneurs recently launching a business website may experience difficulty in achieving the amount of traffic flow they would like to have for their website.  There are several steps that can be taken to assist with rectifying this situation.  The proper implementation of social media in marketing strategies can provide very satisfactory results through increased visitor traffic.  All business owners, large, small and in between are almost required to have a website associated with their company in order to even have a hope of being somewhat successful.  It is a byproduct of the age in which we live and cannot be overlooked or neglected.

The problem is that having a business website operational on the internet is not enough to drive traffic to the site.  In addition to using social media in marketing strategies and game plans business owners can use SEO techniques to achieve a higher results page ranking from major search engines.  A websites page ranking on a results page plays a huge role in determining how much traffic the website enjoys.  Internet users seldom look beyond the first two to three pages to try and find what they are looking for.  If they haven’t found it by then they abandon the attempt and get side tracked into something else, or they change the search criteria and start all over.

The lower a business website registers on a results page the less chance it has of attracting attention of any significance.  If proper steps are not taken the website will continue to fall and the amount of traffic will decrease.  Search engines use popularity data for the website as part of the equation for establishing the page ranking.  If the company uses the proper social media in marketing techniques the popularity of the website will increase as the number of visitors provided by the social network continues to evolve.

Using social media in marketing strategies will also allow the interested individual the opportunity to target specific audiences for their products.  Being able to advertise for free means all it takes is a handful of first time visitors to the social network page to get the ball rolling.  Once these individuals visit the social page and link to the business website associated with it they will share the link information with their friends.  This will create a domino effect as time marches on and more people visit and share.

In order to use any type of social media in marketing effort it will be important to ensure that the business website is fully functional, operational, user friendly and compatible.  It will also need to be extremely engaging to the visitor.  Remember, if they do not like what they see they will not return, nor will they be as inclined to share the information with others, thereby reducing the potential for increased traffic flow.  If the website is interesting and captures their attention not only will they be back but they will share the link information every time something interesting comes down the newsfeed pipeline.

Do you have a business website that is in serious need of help in driving traffic flow? Stop by our website and let us assist with correcting the social media in marketing strategies that are not currently working for you.

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