Choosing between Ferrari and Range Rover hire packages

Posted by AmandaTom on October 12th, 2012

It is an obvious and an accepted fact that different car brands offer distinct and unique features to their customers. Features such as acceleration, braking mechanism, engine system, transmission and interiors services in every car brand are distinct and exclusive. While at times certain inbuilt technical features may be the same, this is not the case as always. Cars manufacturers such as Ferrari and Range Rover are completely different in terms of the services and features offered. Both these manufacturers also enjoy widespread popularity among car aficionados. The unparalleled features offered  by these cars are the reasons for people to opt for Ferrari hire packages or Range Rover hire packages from car rental agencies.

Often people prefer Range Rovers hire packages to Ferrari hire packages because they have been conditioned to accept that Range Rover cars are far more luxurious than Ferrari car models. However, this may not be true. Many internet forums and video blogs claim to portray one car as superior to the other, but this may be because of their internal and subjective choices. Therefore, it is reliable that we stick to the information provided in the car rental website and tally the features of the vehicles with our specifications to find out the one that suits us the best. It is true that Range Rover cars are luxurious, but Ferrari car models are comfortable and safe to drive as well. Though Ferrari was a two seater car in the past, today there are four seater models available as well for family trips. Although these cars look like sports cars, the interiors are designed for a family of four. The Ferrari 612 and Ferrari California are examples of four seater cars ideal for families.

Many individuals opt for Ferrari hire packages since the assume these cars to be faster than the Range Rover cars. This is true because Ferrari is a sports car, while the Range Rover is a sports utility vehicle. While the Ferrari is ideal for adrenaline junkies, the Range Rover hire packages are ideal for those who intend to travel along rocky and rough terrains. The engine of every Ferrari offers an initial speed of 200 km/ph to 500 km/ph. Though the transmission speed offered by a Range Rover car built in 2012 is 8 times the speed offered by the older cars from this maker, it still is slow compared to the Ferrari. 

Most people assume that the cost of Ferrari hire packages and Range Rover hire packages are too high. However, the truth is that the cost of these packages is just a fraction of the price of purchasing these cars. Cars manufactured by Ferrari are priced higher than the Range Rover because they fall under the sports car segment. If you are looking for the best packages while hiring these cars, the best option is to book the car of your choice well in advance. You will also be entitled to some great deals when you hire the cars for a long duration.

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