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Posted by juliabennet on October 12th, 2012

It’s one thing to watch silly old porn and jerk off, but another thing to watch hot women jerk you off, if you know what I mean. For me, I need to have sex in various styles and positions, and here is what I always attempt, whenever I get my babes from adult services Melbourne. These girls are practically ready to do anything and everything, so when both of us are ready to experiment and have wild fun, why not? What I learnt from them are ways to satisfy myself, and each of the ways are unique and mind blowing to say the least. And trust me when I say, the adult Melbourne girls are wild and they know best how to keep their men happy on bed.

These adult Melbourne girls have the arm and leg power to combat the positions I want to tweak their voluptuous bodies into. And since I am a man with an admirable endowment size, I know very well how to go ahead and please my women. One of the positions taught to me by Celine at the adult services Melbourne was the reverse cowgirl. And apart from that, I also enjoyed humping her from the side and even while standing as well.

The reverse cowgirl is famous in porn movies and I always desired to do it with someone. At first I found it a little awkward to do so, but then with Celine and her ways, my adult services Melbourne fantasy queen made me a pro at it overnight. She did it to me with my pants down and allowed me to completely enter her, something which other girls wouldn’t allow me to. And when she sits well on me, I love the way she bounces over my cock, her tits jiggle and that’s gives me the visual and sexual pleasures I need. Her hot wet pussy massages my manhood as she goes up and down, making me come to a climax on her own pace and not mine, and I am not complaining. One hell of a mind blowing experience this was at the adult Melbourne outlet.

Another way to enjoy sex with the adult services Melbourne queen was humping Celine from the side. And we started that with a missionary pose and by taking her long legs up, I pushed myself into her with no mercy shown. Once I was inside her, I turned her to the side and lay beside her, and watched her ass happily jiggle as I thrust harder into her flowery pussy. The adult Melbourne queen very well dealt with the blows and pounding I gave her sideways and while that happened, she fingered her anus too.

Women love it hard and that’s what men like me would love to oblige them with. The adult Melbourne queen Celine knew what I would like, as if by intuition. And she knew also that I am not a man to be pleased with just a single sensation, I needed more and hence she was on the face when she started her moves on me.

Adult Melbourne is fun with adult services Melbourne.

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