What makes a high gloss table so desirable?

Posted by adairsawyer on October 12th, 2012

Gloss tables are some of the finest inventions of modern furniture. Ideal to add the zing to any modern home, these tables are embodiments of sophistication and style that modern home owners seek. A gloss dining table can turn your living space into the cynosure of your home, just by pairing it up with a couple of fashionable chairs. Fern white tables with minimalistic design have incredulous transforming potentials that can leave the guest in awe. Classy and unique, the finest part of these furniture is their smooth and polished finishing. Resembling a glass table in its straight lines and scratch-resistant surface, the tables are simply fantastic when placed against a glass wall of by a window.

With distinct stand-out qualities, the tables come with subtle and often no design at all. The tables owe their glossy look from the lacquer coat painted over the timber material. But, most people express skepticism about the longevity of the fine polish of the tables. A gloss dining table comes lacquer painted that cover the wooden material inside. Particularly hard-wearing, the smooth finishing has its own advantage. The tough layering outside protects the timber base, preventing easy depreciation. Unlike a glass table that is prone to breakage, the glossy ones are not as they are fully  made of high-quality, long-lasting timber.

The gloss dining table comes in all sizes and designs to serve individual purposes. The smaller ones can be used as tea tables, while the bigger ones are best for dining purpose. Gloss dining tables come at an average size that can accommodate six sitters. If you are a little hesitant because of the minimal design, you can leave the worries of aesthetics behind. The tables make even bigger statements than the glass table counterparts. Try to place them right under a chandelier to allow the glossy surface reflect the light creating a montage of beams everywhere else.

Another great way of improving their aesthetic quotient is by placing an ornamental candelabra on the table top and watch how the flames dance over the glassy façade, making it look magical. Placing a white colored gloss dining table on beige carpet tiles, paired with similar glossy-finished chairs of black color can alone transform the entire décor of the house. However, if you fancy black over white and want the exact dark glass table look in your gloss one, then pick a full black one. Placed against any light-colored wall, the table alone can modify the look of the room.

Best-suited for contemporary designs, the furniture can effortlessly elevate the elegant appeal of the house. Lustrous and chic, the tables, though perfectly fragile to look at, have a sturdy structure beneath. You can actually order the table to be made of any timber of your choice and get it coated with lacquer. A glossy table last far longer than the regular wood tables or glass ones. The furniture is now available in the market in a variety of colors and designs to suit the tastes of the buyers.  

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