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Posted by sophiamilller on October 12th, 2012

 I never gave it much of a thought whether I would ever visit a brothel or not. I was never against it, it’s a personal choice after all, but all I knew since childhood was that it was something which was not meant for me. However, all of my convictions were put to a test when I reached Melbourne. I was there for the wedding of my cousin and all through it, I was feeling terribly alone. My family was not with me, I was still reminiscing about my ex and I needed a company, that’s it. I was taken aback to see Adult Melbourne advertisements. I knew Melbourne brothels are completely legal, but the way these brothels advertised against sex slavery etc, was something which won my respect.

As the proceedings began, I was again haunted by the feeling loneliness and emptiness. I could not communicate with any of the females out there. It was weird to talk to some one and hump them later. I did not want to ruin my already wavering reputation. But then the beautiful landscapes and highly romantic couples made me turn green with envy. That night I was driving on long road, where I was again greeted by the adult Melbourne brothel advertisements. I called up my mate and asked him if it was okay for me to visit one such Melbourne brothels. He told me it was completely safe and that the Melbourne brothels take it upon themselves to ensure safety and anonymity of their clients. And yes, he also said how strikingly beautiful the females would be, if only I land myself up on the right Adult Melbourne entertainment center.

And so I did. The moment I entered the adult Melbourne center, I was duly escorted to a secluded place to park my vehicle. Then I was lead to a private room, where the negotiations began. Being a lawyer by profession, it was easy for me to negotiate and settled down for a flexible time frame to pay, since I did not know, how long it would take me. I was certain either I will be done in like half an hour or else, well, all night long.

Then entered the female of my choice – the typical Aussie blonde beauty, having the most beautiful eyes and assets that I have ever seen. One look at her and I

 knew it is going to be the night to remember. The female at the adult Melbourne brothel was patient and warm. I asked for a nude body massage, to which she agreed. Soaked in aromatic oil, I could feel her bare body touching me and yes I was aroused. Honestly, I have had my doubts against the Melbourne brothels, at that time in the middle of the night, I felt such satisfaction, that I was certain that I would return to this place and will book this one female again.

I humped her in 3 different positions that night and she made me come in her mouth. It was heavenly. I am in the states right now, again juggling between work. But all I think about at night is the beauty of that female. Melbourne brothels sure know how to serve you right and satisfy you. If you are looking for pleasures no end, visit adult Melbourne brothels at the earliest.

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