Sniper paintball guns - best paintball accessories for stage paintball player

Posted by Mords1944 on June 1st, 2020

Paintball has officially returned to the forest. More people are playing stage and Woodsball than ever before. The industry has been flooded with military-style markers, paintball tactical vests, and camouflage accessories. Many people are buying base model paintball guns or converting their current guns for use in the woods. This article will discuss some of the most important accessories you will need to build a 'battle ready' sniper paintball gun.

Paintball Barrel: Woods or speedball, a paintball barrel is usually the first upgrade to a paintball gun. An improved barrel offers the most drastic change in performance, allowing you to get more accurate shots. The barrels come in sizes ranging from 8 inches to 22 inches. Barrel ports and muzzle breaks are generally added to the higher level barrel design to control air flow and provide a better transition for the paintball as it exits the barrel. Some manufacturers incorporate rifling in their barrels. Fluted barrels use very shallow linear or spiral grooves on the surface of the inner hole of the barrel to restrict or create a twist in the paintball. This is believed to help resist the factors affecting a paintball during flight and the inherent defects of the paintball itself.

In many cases, you get what you pay for when you buy a paintball barrel. Spend a little more on this update. More expensive barrels grind better and have spent more time in development and testing. Find a size that fits accessories like a hand protector, a simulated suppressor or a sight. The best quality barrels will normally have their indicated hole size, making it easy to match paintball to barrel. The right paint combination is critical to the performance of a barrel.

Paintball Stock - A paintball stock will definitely add to the look of a sniper paintball gun, but the importance of one extends much further. An action will help add stability when shooting your marker. It also helps reduce fatigue as less energy is used to support and fire the paintball gun when parked against a fixed point. Many stocks on the market collapse or fold to the side of the gun. This is important in stage events where you will be in both open field and close range shooting. Stocks are also important because they offer a mount point for a sling that will be discussed below. Stocks can be weapon specific or universal. Weapon-specific stocks are manufactured to uniquely bind to a specific weapon model. Universal stocks are usually attached to the trigger frame or bottle adapter, parts normally found on all paintball guns.

Paintball Tactical Vest - Although not a specific part of the weapon, a good Paintball Kenya tactical vest will allow you to store what you need at all times in the woods. Many of the Molle based systems offer the flexibility of adding different accessory bags. You can rebuild your vest every time you go out wearing only what you need for that specific event. Many vests also incorporate a hydration system that can really make a difference on hot days. Find a vest capable of carrying bottles. Most vests have the ability to hold an air tank vertically or horizontally, as well as sheaths or tubes in an easily accessible location. Being able to relocate your tank is crucial to reduce the weight of your paintball gun and maintain the balance of the gun.

Paintball Remote Control - Remote controls allow you to relocate your paintball tank to an off-gun site, usually in a tactical vest or harness. This reduces the weight and size of the gun, allowing you to react faster and move faster. Remote lines are generally shaped like a coil similar to a telephone cord. This allows the line to rewind and extend while remaining out of the way of the shooter at all times. All remote controls connect to the gun through a quick disconnect that facilitates ventilation and degassing of the paintball gun. Find a remote line with a slider. A slip check will allow you to disconnect your remote from your weapon while your remote is still connected to your air source.


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