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The Technology Behind the Best Hi-Fi & Most Comfortable In-Ear Headphones

Posted by Oriveti on June 1st, 2020

Whether we talk about music, audiobooks, or videos—with plugged on earphones, the listening experience can take a turn for enhancement. The small device has become a common yet important part in everyone’s lives. However, it is important to know how does an earphone works. As even the Best Earphones For Bass And Sound Quality are made with the same technology with just a few differences. As complicated as it may sound, these tiny speakers that send out an electromagnetic to vibration to the air; doesn’t need to create much noise. Headphones just work as simply as speakers; they turn electrical energy into sound by the use of magnets to vibrate the air, ultimately producing sound.

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In the beginning, the electrical signal makes its way through the wires and into the headphones, reaching what’s called a driver unit. All total there are three types of driver units: the dynamic driver, the planar magnetic driver, and the electrostatic driver. Most of the headphones use the dynamic driver as it is the most common. Starting with the dynamic driver unit, it utilizes three main parts: a permanent magnet, electromagnetic coils, and a diaphragm. Two magnets are present in each earcup, out of which one is permanent and the other is an electromagnet, which moves.

Secondly, the planar magnetic driver unit is similar to the dynamic driver unit, with a few key differences. There are no electromagnets but thin magnetic conductors, which are like tiny wires, are spread out across the diaphragm itself. When the electrical current passes through the conductors, the polarity is changed, and the diaphragm interacts with the permanent magnets, vibrating and creating sound. It is also known as Orthodynamic driver. 

The third one is the electrostatic driver unit. In electrostatic headphones, the diaphragm is created through a very thin sheet of an electrically charged material, parting between two conductive plates, one of which is positively charged, and the other negatively. Once the electrical charges transpire through them, the electrically charged film adjusts back and forth, affecting the air around it and causing sound. These units stand back for being the Most Comfortable In-Ear Headphones with prominent sound quality.

Besides, when it comes to wireless or Bluetooth headphones, the working is similar. Instead of wire, the signals are sent via a Bluetooth radio to a chip in the headphones. Besides the Best Hi-Fi Earbuds and headphones, etc, the rest of the earphones work pretty much with the same technology but on various scales. That is the reason they can’t reproduce all of the same frequencies, but in exchange, they’re far more transportable.

When the ear cup is hit by the electrical signal, it’s sent to the electromagnet, which rapidly switches its polarity back and forth depending on the pattern of sounds. It is rapidly repelled and attracted to the permanent magnet, which makes it vibrate. Those vibrating electromagnets are attached to what is called a ‘diaphragm,’ a thin membrane that vibrates with the electromagnet. This ultimately causes the air around it to vibrate — which is what we call sound.

Different frequencies vibrate at different rates — so the electromagnet vibrates faster to produce high tones, or slower to produce slow tones. When you turn the volume up or down, the vibrations are more or less intense, which causes the air to vibrate more or less.

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