Hydroponic Glow Tent ? What Are They and How Do They Work?

Posted by jackbandy on October 17th, 2012

When it comes to hydroponic gardening there is a vast variety of hydroponic equipment that can be used and one of them is the glow tent. Those who have a lot of experience in hydroponic gardening will definitely be aware of the fact that there isn’t any limit as to what one can cultivate inside a glow tent. For beginners, however, it might be a bit confusing to figure out which plants would be well nourished when placed inside the tent. Earlier, plants were grown only in soil but because of hydroponic gardening plants and vegetables can now be grown successfully in boxes and tents.
A glow tent is just like any other square-shaped box except this one is lined with specially commissioned sheeting in total blackout white, white or black so that high lumen or light levels can be maintained within the tent. The main function of the interior walls of the glow tent is to radiate light while the black exterior walls absorb the heat. These are not only cost effective but are also extremely easy to set up. Moreover, they can be fitted wherever one wants them to be fitted, which is why these are referred to as one of the best hydroponic equipment. 
How does this kind of hydroponic equipment work? Well, grow-tents basically allow the gardener to have control over every single aspect of the vegetables or plant environment. In this way you will be able to grow them with optimum efficiency since you can control the light, water and heat in the growing environment. Since a plant can grow up and be healthy only when the conditions are right, therefore you will be responsible for controlling the factors within the glow tent. If you intend to grow different kinds of plants inside your grow tent then you should set up enclosures. 
Users of glow tent are allowed full freedom when it comes to making modifications in the structure of the tent. If you want to save a bit of energy then timers can be set for the heaters, lights and fans of this hydroponic equipment. By doing this, you will not only be bringing down the amount on your electricity bills, but you will also be ensuring that the plants get the right amount of heat and light, which is crucial. You can also train the plants to grow in a certain way by employing the use of interior setups inside grow tents.
With the right setup, one can even grow vines and creepers in the glow tent, but people tend to stick to more conventional options like flowers, herbs and fresh vegetables. This hydroponic equipment is nothing but a miniature green house, which makes it perfect for growing young plants and seedlings as well since it offers a high level of protection. Not all plants can tolerate strong winds and direct sunlight, therefore if you are interested in growing plants which are sensitive to these two factors then your best bet would be using a grow tent.
The glow tent is available in a variety of sizes, the minimum being 2x2 feet and the maximum dimensions being 4x4 feet. If you have never used this type of hydroponic equipment then you might as well start out with the smallest one because it would be easier to handle. The best thing about using grow tents is that anyone can grow healthy and lush plants in these because there is no need for the plants to remain outdoors. These contraptions are great for regulating the moisture content of the environment within, which helps plants grow in the most fascinating manner.

One of the reasons as to why a glow tent is popular amongst practitioners of hydroponic gardening is because it can be customised to suit individual preferences. This hydroponic equipment is also versatile in the sense that it facilitates growth of vines and creepers as well.

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