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Posted by juliabennet on October 18th, 2012

Many people want to set their favorite website homepage as their browser’s homepage. They want each and every update including news, weather and upcoming events update right on their screen, with a single click of their mouse. However, users face various technical hindrances during setting any webpage as their ‘My Favorite’ homepage. This is because not all the features are available on all systems. Compatibility of computer systems with advanced graphics and other elements is a big factor which many computer users fail to deal with properly. They end up setting homepages with incomplete graphics and many other elements also go missing from their personalized browser homepage. It has become way easier now to find the best homepage as because there are several websites that are now facilitating computer users around the world to set personalized browser welcome screens. How to use a website of this type and troubleshoot incompatibility factors? Here below is a brief rundown.

Finding a good website
The first thing to do is to find a website of this type which comes with all the top sites and other personalized browser welcome page options. Choose from the various ‘My Favorite’ options available on the website and proceed towards setting it as your homepage. Clicking on a site name will open it in a new window from where you can click on the designated button to set it as your homepage. However, the real problem starts after setting a homepage when all or some elements become nonfunctional. Read on to find out how to fix these issues.

Enabling Cookies
The best homepage functions fully when you enable the cookies. How to do it? Many computer users do not know that even some mail service providers require cookies to be enabled on computer systems. For setting the homepage, you need to enable the cookies on your PC. In order to enable these small files that are set for collecting browser data, you need to go the Settings option of your browser and go to advanced settings section. You need to enter the privacy subsection and you will find cookie enabling options here.

Enabling JavaScript
For viewing JavaScript enabled animation elements on your ‘My Favorite’, you need to turn it on. How to do it? Most browsers (including IE, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome) have an option called ‘Tools’. From tools menu, you need to go to the internet options, select security settings and enable ‘Active Scripting’. Different browsers name these settings differently. But there’s certain parity between these settings and the best homepage demands enabling this option. You should find it and do changes as instructed here.

After doing all these things, you can manually set the ‘My Favorite’ on your browser and enjoy the liberty of getting updated information with minimum number of clicks. There are several websites that websites now that have separate FAQ sections dedicated to answer all sorts of troubleshooting queries. You should be careful while choosing from the homepage options. The best homepage can be found after spending considerable time on the internet only.  

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