Health Food Bars: Meal Replacements in a Pouch

Posted by SharonEvans on October 18th, 2012

 Health food bars are dietary supplements that aim to substitute your diet plan’s complete meal.  These meal replacements are very popular in weight loss regimen.  They contain high levels of protein, and smaller amounts of carbohydrates and fats.  When you consume a whole food meal, it can be difficult for you to determine accurately your calorie intake on a day to day basis.  The food bars, however, allow you to track the exact amount of calorie according to your goals.

There are 3 general groups of health food bars:

1.            Bars that have a balanced amount  of fat, carbohydrates and protein – are recommended for fitness/sports enthusiasts.  The concentrated amount of carbohydrates provides quick energy and the protein helps in muscle repair and growth.

2.            Bars that have mostly protein, and very little fat and carbohydrates – are for people who are aiming for weight loss and those who are followers of low-carbohydrate diet.

3.            And the third is a hybrid, which is a combination of food complete with vitamins and minerals plus protein.  The protein in health food bars is derived often from soy and whey, a milk protein.

The food bar offers a number of advantages.  Because they have a balanced amount of protein, carbohydrates and fat, they improve your feeling of fullness. When you feel that you are full, you can avoid eating without restraint, so you consume fewer calories. This helps you shed some pounds.  Results of some studies report that people who consume health food bars had a higher rate of weight loss compared to those who are on a food-based diet.  Another benefit is its convenience. If you are living a busy lifestyle, you may want to eat a food bar and meet your nutritional needs rather than having fast food, or worse, skip your meal.  These bars do not require refrigeration,  preparation, nor utensils.  You can store them in your car, carry-on luggage or gym bag.  These are ready-to-eat food bars that you can take with you if you are going to a long distance walk, a bicycle ride, or a run, and help you avoid a deficit in energy.

While the food bars do not teach you to make healthy and sensible choices in food in changing your lifestyle, they are equivalent in nutrition to your balanced meal.    These health food supplements are fortified with minerals and vitamins from vegetables and fruits.  They not only increase your satiety, but also helps preserve your lean body mass, so that instead of losing your muscle tissues, what you lose are fat tissues. If you need to choose between a typical fast food meal that is high in salt and fat, and a health food bar, the bar would be a better option.  If you are making these bars as your occasional meal replacements, you can make them healthier, though, by adding a real fruit, raw veggies, and some beans or whole grains. Four sources of energy during workouts or for snacks, the bars would be fine with no added real fruits and vegetables.

The food bar sold maybe a ploy towards misleading you into believing that it’s a health food bars, but that may not be the case, so be very careful before buying any health product.

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