What are sex lines?

Posted by maryparker on October 20th, 2012

Phone sex conversations can be regarded as a virtual sex between 2 or more people who get sexually aroused and stimulated. Nowadays, there are several companies which offer Internet sex lines for those who are interested in sex chat with a phone sex worker. This type of companies contributes with a budget of 500 million dollars every year to the telephone companies. Usually, the conversations are based on sexual sounds, sexual anecdotes sexual confessions or the expression of sexual feelings. In general, those who enjoy these sex lines are the people who constantly feel a lack of confidence, physical inability or inhibition for expressing their fantasies. In general, the majority of customers is represented by men. Phone sex is used for intimate relationships when the partners are far from each other and they want to keep their intimacy at the same high standard.

Regarding the companies which offer sex lines services, they usually promote their services through pornographic magazines, on different websites or television programs especially late-night. Their services are charged by minute and most of the conversations in sex lines usually last for 15 minutes, depending on the persons involved. According to the sexual orientation of the person and his/her sexual preferences, the sex lines conversations can be categorized in several types. There are companies which have no restriction concerning these criteria and others which don’t satisfy every desire of their customers.

During the last period of the 1980’s, the majority of phone companies were involved in the sex chat industry and the regular phone companies offered billing services for sex chat business. In comparison to that period of time, in 2007 the number of such business companies was decreasing and only a few of them remained active such as: Sprint, Verizon and AT&T.

Is sex chat with strangers considered to be infidelity? This topic is pretty discussable and can affect the relationship between two people. But this aspect is dependent on what rules did the couple created for their relationship. In many cases, this type of services are avoided not to harm the stability of the couple and in other cases,  the partners are free enough to do whatever they want, including joining sex lines conversations.

There are some negative aspects of the sex lines services involvement. Firstly, there is the possibility for some of the clients to become addicted to these services and neglect their real life contexts. They could avoid even the situations where they could get a real partner because they are pleased and aroused through sex lines conversations. And moreover, there is the financial aspect, some clients might end up spending too much money on these services.

On the market, there are many websites which provide online sex chat containing all sorts of pornographic themes and language, but only for the clients who are over the age of 18. They offer a variety of options, such as: free sex chat rooms, free video sex chat rooms and webcam streaming video options. It depends on the client’s preference which type of service does he needs in order to get sexually aroused.

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