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Posted by SharonEvans on October 20th, 2012

Music and video are always together and they are necessary if you want to create compelling productions. Nowadays, your creations can be easily accessed by the world using the internet and this has created whole different types of rules, legalities, and requirements when it comes to using background music for video. Even during the time of vinyl records, licenses have been in existence. The issue nowadays is that anybody can post videos and take random songs and put it in their videos without even knowing the repercussions. If you are going to use background music for video, you need to educate yourself about using background music for video for online video publishing.

Copyright is copyright.

If you ever thought of using a song of any person or artist without asking their permission or getting the necessary license or permit, don’t ever consider it. Anything you do with a song owned by a person or company without their permission can be subject to legal ramifications. YouTube, for example, has been very clear about using such things for personal videos. Facebook is also strict with regards to the use of songs of popular artists for videos. Some artists are okay when somebody is using their song for parody or maybe singing them as covers, but it is important to ask any way to avoid any problems with the legal department.

If you want to use any popular songs for your production, aside from production music that requires its very own license, you have to make sure it is 15 seconds short since this minimizes the risks of getting noticed by YouTube. You can consider this as a form of citation in which you only quote certain parts of the song. According to experts, you can also try to reduce the sounds of the song as soft as possible so that the scanners of YouTube will not easily detect the song. You can also opt to just use snippets of songs so that you can avoid any serious ramifications.

Royalty free music is said to be your ultimate tool for background music for video. All professionals use this for production music. If you are someone who wishes to publish online, you will definitely want to use royalty free music for background music for video. You pay a very small fee for the license and you can use it based on the scope of the license that you purchased. It is necessary to always read the fine print so you know what the scope of the music use is and how you can make use of the music. In the long run, it is ideal to invest a little bit on music that you can actually publish together with your video so that you will feel comfortable about your production work.

Fair use is a hot topic online especially for these products. If you are serious about quality work, you have to invest time and money for it. With royalty free music, you actually do not spend as much money and you are sure no one will question you for using music on your videos.

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