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Buy Best Biotin Vitamin Capsule For Hair Growth For Women Online In India

Posted by aravindakomali99 on June 2nd, 2020

How to have beautiful hair with hair growth capsules


All cells in the body require vitamins and minerals to grow and so does hair. Hair is a protein synthesized by the hair follicles and it requires some essential vitamins and minerals to grow. Of course there are the external hair treatments like hair oils, masks, serums etc. but the nutrition from inside is the most important. 

Hair growth nowadays suffers a lot due to the UV rays of the sun, harsh chemicals in the hair care products, pollution and heat styling. Due to the lack of nutrients in the modern lifestyles make the hair weak and brittle. This is why hair falls and does not grow back at the same pace. 

Nutrients from food

Of course there are many foods which are packed with the nutrients required by the hair. Biotin is a B vitamin which the body does not produce and has to be taken in your food. At the same time, selenium is also a vital mineral required for hair growth and health. Then again there are some amino acids which enhance the growth of the hair. All these are present in the different foods. However, in today’s lifestyle it becomes difficult to intake all the nutrients necessary for the hair growth in our daily meals. This is why hair growth supplements become necessary. These hair growth supplements contain mainly biotin, selenium and some vital amino acids.

All these three nutrients can be found in the hair growth supplement called Chicutrix Bounce. Chicnutrix Bounce is an effervescent tablet that is soluble in water and has a much better and faster action for hair growth compared to hair growth capsules or regular tablets. Chicnutrix Bounce is made using the Swiss effervescent technology. It is 100% vegan and is a hair recovery complex which supports the nourishment of the hair with the essential nutrients mentioned above.

Let us take a look at the three nutrients necessary for the growth of the hair that are contained in Chicnutrix Bounce. 


This is a B vitamin that stimulates the growth of hair. The hair gets the necessary nourishment to become strong, thick and more bouncy and lustrous. If there is deficiency of Biotin in the body then hair will become thin and brittle and with cause hair loss. It also causes the hair to get split ends and look dull. Biotin as mentioned above is a water soluble vitamin and the body does not make or store it. This is the reason that it has to be gained from outside and Chicnutrix Bounce is a supplement that has good amount of biotin. It is better than many hair growth capsules available in the market.

Amino acids and selenium

The hair is a protein and proteins are made up of individual amino acids. Amino acids on the other hand get a boost with biotin as it helps the body with the production of amino acids. They strengthen the hair and improve the texture of the hair. The third nutrient selenium in Chicnutrix Bounce is selenium and it helps the biotin to repair and recover the health of the hair. It also helps in maintaining the health of the scalp. 

Hence Chicnutrix Bounce is the best hair growth supplement available in the market and helps in the growth and health of the hair.  

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