What is the Role of Social Media in Marketing?

Posted by sophiamilller on October 21st, 2012

Social media marketing refers to an advertising possibility that was created due to the continued advancement of technology.  In the current internet climate we are all more reliant on these days more and more people hop online daily to conduct their affairs than at any other time.  The role of social media in marketing is to help spread information more rapidly and easily to targeted audiences that have identified themselves.  This is done through several different social media networks all at once and in real time.  Business owners realized at an early age that using these networks would allow their customer base to expand rapidly in a short amount of time.

When social media in marketing is used correctly, the business registering for an account creates a page or profile for their company.  This page once published on the network is visible to everyone.  Other registered guests of the network can search for the page of a company by searching for the business name.  Clicking on the right link will deposit the guest on the respective page for the business.  Once there they can either view the current content or they can elect to add the page to their ‘favorites,’ ‘friends’ or whatever labeled lists they have.  Anytime new information is posted on the added page the guest will be notified in their own news feed.  This ongoing cycle is just part of social media marketing. 

Registered guests of a social network that have added pages for companies that have engaged in social media marketing techniques, can elect to share any interesting information they receive from the web site with other friends and family members.  This information sharing procedure is an optional part of social media in marketing.  When the information is shared it has a trickle effect.  Other registered guests that view the shared information as interesting may also decide to add the page and / or share the information with their associates.  This process can be repeated over and over again each and every day, drawing more and more customers or clients to the business or interest.

Social media marketing does not only apply to individuals that have a business.  Bloggers and individuals with opinions or interests of any and every kind will benefit from using social media in marketing techniques.  These individuals can use many of the same methods that a business owner would in order to attract more visitors to their social network page.

In addition to the methods and techniques described above social media networking allows for individuals and businesses with a similar interest to provide links to each other’s pages.  This added free advertising can lead to even further increase in traffic flow to the respective pages.  The role of social media in marketing is enormous.  It can be the life or death of a company depending on whether or not it is utilized correctly.  Companies that neglect the use of this internet advertising tool are almost assured of achieving failure within their industry.

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