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Posted by thebeyondpassion on October 22nd, 2012

Excellence requires to be paid, the place of performing the job is not important. In today’s time, when the expenditure is way more than the income, a little extra cash earned by working on something which you are very passionate about, does not hurt. A flair for multitasking is awarded. Work at home jobs are the best way to get paid for doing what you love to do, without having to take up a regular job. Deadline, dedication, development are three ‘D’s of success and that has to be present even while working at home. Freelancer jobs in Singapore are vivid, and provide an opportunity for everyone with some internet skill.

You could be good at tasks related to advertising, business, gift ideas, graphics, programming, social marketing, technology, writing and so on. Each talent is valued and can be used to earn money. Works at home jobs are an excellent medium for housewives (who cannot afford to leave their houses unattended), students (who can multitask and would work for an extra buck), and unemployed people (make use of your talent while you search for a job) to work.

Just feed in details about what you can do and what will you charge for it, on a Micro Job Website. This information is then displayed on the website, and you become a seller. Interested customers i.e. the buyers will then place an order. Buyers can choose better by reading the feedbacks. The buyer, if he wants can communicate with the seller can keep a track on the seller’s work progress. Payments are done using the credit/debit card system or PayPal. It is a market mechanism of demand and supply, the only difference being the platform, which is virtual.

While looking for a job on the micro job website, make sure what you are offering is catchy enough, so that it does not go unnoticed by the buyer. Also, do not overprice your work, for it may put off buyers. Share what you are offering on Facebook, Twitter or other such social networking website to pull in more buyers and offer good prices.

User information is kept private and secure. Orders can be cancelled if they are not delivered successfully or on time or not done at all. Spammers or fake sellers are banned from advertising their offers. Usually a 24x7 customer support service is provided to help buyers and sellers.

It’s an easy, simple and fun way to get paid for freelancer jobs in Singapore. It demands only a little while out of your schedule, and a little extra money never hurts. So, quickly, list your services and get paid for them. Search for the best work from home jobs online and make your life easy.

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This article has been written by Andy, General Manager of The Beyond Passion. is a micro job website in Singapore that acts as one stop services for those who want to earn extra income by providing freelance services. The buyer can visit this website to enjoy multiple kinds of services at affordable prices.

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