Why ISO 9001 Certification is an Integral Part of Business Management

Posted by Luke Tayler on June 2nd, 2020

ISO 9001 is generally known as the standard that determines certain regulations and requirements for quality management in business. Although it is usually referred to as a quality management standard, it is more accurate to call it a benchmark or standard for business management. If you thoroughly evaluate all the ISO 9001 requirements, they define the integration of quality in business management. The standard states that all activities or practices to be incorporated within the business management system will provide products or services of supreme quality that fully satisfy customers. Implementing the ISO 9001 standard often requires the modification of the business management approach, including materials or resources management, purchase management, production processes, supply chain, distribution, and services management.

Here are a few more reasons why ISO 9001 is the most competent tool to improve and benchmark the business management system.

QMS Begins with Management Commitment

To achieve ISO certification, a business needs to establish an effective quality management system or QMS. But the formulation of the QMS, deciding its implementation process, and how it will be ingrained into the general business processes is not only the job of the quality department. The management needs to be deeply involved and take responsibility to ensure the formation of an appropriate QMS that fits with the business processes. They must provide resources that will make the implementation process smoother. Moreover, the management team will internally review the performance and competence of the QMS in meeting the quality objectives, and direct the business to make further improvements if required.

Ownership and Control

This is a pretty solid reason for QMS also being a business management system. Whatever operating system is implemented or integrated into the business, if it is centrally established and can cause changes in all aspects of the business, then its ownership belongs to the executive management. This means that management can change the system when needed to meet the desired results for the business. Therefore, apart from the implementation process, the control of the QMS also rests in the hands of the management of the business.

ISO 9001 is a Strategic Management Decision

Lastly, getting ISO 9001 certification is a strategic decision of the company’s management, as it affects the structuring and implementation of a QMS. ISO certification is considered a strategic decision because of several reasons.

• It leads to an organisational change movement;
• It has varying aspects and needs;
• It has defined objectives;
• It addresses the products and services of the business;
• It involves the employees.

With these three reasons, the easy conclusion is that the ISO 9001 standard establishes the requirements of quality in business management. A well-defined QMS incorporated into the general management will help the company to have an efficient and regulated management system that pays attention to customer satisfaction.

Damon Anderson is a trained ISO 9001 consultant who helps businesses address their needs for quality in business management and prepares them for ISO certification. He is a blog writer as well, and writes about quality management system, the process to frame it, implement it, and maintain it in a business.

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