The Importance of Advanced Land Survey Equipment

Posted by juliabennet on October 23rd, 2012

The concept of land survey has been in existence since the Egyptian and Roman civilisations. Though land surveys are an integral aspect of construction, most people ignore the need to opt for it before getting a home or business establishment constructed on a particular piece of land. Overlooking the need to get the land surveyed before any type of construction can lead to many roadblocks once the construction gets underway. Almost every construction services provider today gets the land surveyed by professionals in this field to avoid obstacles and ensure the construction progresses smoothly. Considering the importance of land surveys, manufacturers have come up with various types of survey equipment to help land surveyors perform their task to perfection.

Boundary survey is one of the most important construction services. In this type of survey, the land is measured to perfection to ensure there is no encroachment of land. The boundary of the proposed land is surveyed based on the details mentioned in documents such as the physical deed of the property. In the past, land surveyors used tools such as the measuring tape to measure the land and define boundaries for construction. However, these tapes had many limitations which led to the discovery of the planimeter that can help in accurately calculating the area available.

The location survey is also one of the many construction services offered today. The location survey is done to find out the proximity of the land to various other establishments and regions. For example, with the help of this survey you can find out the distance of the land from the commercial hub of the region, the distance from the nearest sea, proximity to schools, offices and many more. Though there were not many tools in the past to perform this type of survey, today there is a plethora of GPS based survey equipment to perform this type of survey.

The topographical survey is also very critical before starting any construction. This type of survey helps you discover more detailed information about the land. The survey equipment such as the cable locators and clinometers play an important role in these surveys. The aim of the topographical survey is to provide information about the condition of the land beneath the surface. The cable locator is a tool that will help you to find out more about the utility cables that run below the surface of the ground. It is imperative to have this knowledge before the construction services start work because it will prevent any damage to the utility pipes. The clinometer is also a very important tool to perform the topographic survey since it provides insight into the incline and the slope of the land.

The construction survey is a type of survey that is done to get more details about the vertical and horizontal grading. This type of survey is critical before starting with construction of roads and tall buildings. This survey can be accomplished to perfection only when the construction services providers have survey equipment such as the theodolite.

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