Understanding the term avionics and its importance

Posted by jackbandy on October 26th, 2012

Most of us have heard the word avionics often without actually understanding what it meant. This is a term that is an abbreviation for aviation electronics. When you are flying miles above in the sky, as a pilot, you have an immense responsibility towards the people traveling in your plane. You have to ensure that you are well prepared to fly the airplane perfectly from the origin to the destination. In order to do so, there are many things that you will need to purchase from a credible pilot shop. Right from the aviation headsets to the communication systems, everything needs to be the best if you want to ensure a smooth flying experience. 
Aviation electronics is a relatively new concept in the airline industry. There was nothing called as avionics till the Second World War took place. The challenging requirements of the military personnel made manufacturers think about coming up with advanced communication systems that can play a significant role during the war. Though the aviation electronic equipments came into existence towards the beginning of the 19th century, it was not only recently that they began to gain prominence. The evolution in the field of science, technology and computers has contributed significantly to the growth of the avionic industry. Some of the best aviation electronic products today can be found in the online pilot shop.
The term avionics brings together many aspects. These electronic systems are used not only in aircrafts, but also in spacecrafts and artificial satellites. Some of the most common avionic systems that we can see in action in aircrafts are the navigation system, the display system, the communication system and many other systems that help in exerting better control over the other individual parts. Each of these systems has a critical role to perform during the flight and is extremely handy in case of any untoward incidents. Most of the avionic systems in the aircrafts can be seen in the cockpit area which is where most of the activities take place. Most of the avionic systems that are present in the aircraft are powered by DC power supply. However, in the case of large avionic systems, AC power is a must. Most of the aircrafts used by the military personnel and the large airliners use avionic equipments that are powered by the AC power supply. 
Though the avionics were initially designed for use in the military aircrafts, today they are being used extensively in civilian aircrafts too. These systems have a key role to play in commercial aircrafts that carry hundreds of passengers at a time. Navigating small and large aircrafts without these systems is virtually unimaginable. Whether it is to communicate with the ATV personnel or to find out if there is any other aircraft or bird in close proximity to the plane, the aviation electronics that are available today cater to all the requirements. Most of the aircrafts come with certain aviation electronic instruments built into them. However, you can consider adding many more to enhance the safety while flying. These systems are now easily available in any credible and authentic pilot shop on the internet. 

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