Fun Games To Play In a Bounce House

Posted by bouncenewyork on June 3rd, 2020

Inflatable jumping structures have become quite a popular thing in the children’s birthday parties. From backyard bounce to indoor bounce park venues, you will find them almost everywhere. If you are throwing a birthday party for your kid, you can also consider bounce house wet dry combo or blue razz bounce rentals. Besides, you can also keep the kids jumping in many ways with these amazing bounce party games.

1.Freeze bounce
Play some fun and melodious birthday party music when the kids bounce around the house. When the music stops all of them must freeze in the same place and try to remain standing as the bounce house will still be shaking. Any kid who falls over in the first place is out and the game continues until the song is over or only a single player remains.

2.Bounce pair races
In this game, only four players will be in the bounce house at one time. Pair them with partners and have them stand in opposite corners. When the signal is “Go!” they must are supposed to bounce across the house and switch places with their partners. The first team that reaches opposite corners wins. The other four players are required to do the same. When everyone has had their turn, the winning teams play once again until only one team remains.

3.Switch place race
First, assign a number to each kid, then send them to the bounce house and ask them to sit in a circle. Ask the birthday kid to stand in the middle and call out any two numbers. The players with those numbers are supposed to get up and switch places, racing to take their seats before the birthday kid steals one of the empty spots. The player left standing gets to call the next two numbers.

4.Bounce him over
Ask the birthday kid to sit in the middle of the bounce house in any position he feels most comfortable and secure. The remaining players are required to bounce around until the birthday kid tumbles over or changes his position.

5.Thirty seconds challenge
This is one of the most interesting games for bounce house birthday parties. The players have to bounce in a certain way for just thirty seconds. Kinds will bounce inside the house and someone from outside will call out a command and the kids will have to follow it. Such as bounce on foot, so the kids will have to bounce in the foot for thirty seconds.

There can be so many other fun games with a bounce house. Even if you do not have the time to plan such games, just having bounce house wet dry combo or blue razz bounce rentals for your kid's birthday party can have a great impact on the entertainment.


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