Staffing woes? EBO is the Solution!

Posted by Ecareindia on October 31st, 2012

One of the major problems that many US medical billing companies face is the staffing issue. With the lack of skilled, employable people, they adopt various ingenious measures to recruit and retain talent, however with minimal success. The best way to eliminate staffing issues is by extending the business office to an offshore medical billing company. By outsourcing a few medical billing service scopes, US medical billing companies can stay ahead of the game, while enjoying the myriad benefits of EBO! Let’s see how EBO works to provide the right solution for staffing woes:

Recruitment: In the US, recruiting staff with hands-on experience in the medical billing and coding domain has become a real challenge for many billing companies. It will call for deploying a HR team or outsource to a staffing agency with a group of professionals adept in the recruiting process. Both options result in expenses that can be channelled for Operations.  As a result, the US companies end up in a financial crisis without any profit. To eliminate this issue, simply rely on an offshore medical billing company.

Training: It has become a herculean task for the recruitment team to find experienced staff in recent times. Therefore, educated fresher’s are recruited, so that they can be trained on the latest technologies spanning medical billing services. In addition to spending for the recruitment, the US medical billing company will also need to spend a lot for training employees on the domain. The time involved matters too! Offshore medical billing companies can smoothly take care of all these services, leaving US companies to focus on their core business. They can also enjoy the added benefit of saving the money for expansion and other business needs.

Overhead Expenses: To recruit, train, and deploy a team of professionals will require additional workspace, computers, software and other facilities. This situation will again call for more expenses. Instead, if an US company extends its business office to an offshore medical billing company in a country like India, it will have no need for these additional overhead expenses. Moreover, it can see a rise in the productivity as the offshore team will work 21 hours a day in multiple shifts as opposed to only the typical 8 hour workday in the US.  

In order to mitigate staffing woes, US medical billing companies have to extend their business office to offshore medical billing companies. e-Care India may the prudent choice!

About e-Care India:

E-Care India is one of the reputed offshore medical billing companies known for its impeccable work.  E-Care India has been providing charge entry and associated revenue cycle management services for the past 12 years with quality levels that exceed the industry benchmarks.  For more information visit

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