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What will happen to the Old School Runescape in the future, we can only wait pat

Posted by Jennymill on June 4th, 2020

Runescape's 2007 refurbished version may be facing death?Players keep coming up with such thoughts and can't help asking questions. Everyone agrees that Jagex does not take care of the free game Robot Farm and Jagex does not care about the refurbished version.

Old School Runescape was released in 2013 by Jagex.The sport could be a complete reboot of the 2007 version of the sport which was widely requested by its close-knit community. This version of the sport, Runescape 3, has been losing player base for years. The developers of the sport made a series of mistakes that led many thousands of players to abandon the sport completely.Mistakes like ridiculous microtransactions, an entire change within the combat system, and more led to its demise.Now Old School Runescape has reignited the passion of players. Players like this version very much.Therefore, many players buy OSRS Gold on the GOLDRS website, and the number of visits surges in a short period of time, mainly because the website has a high credit rating and Safe and reliable, so it attracts waves of customers.

Today, many thousands of players are back to play old style Runescape, a game that features a higher player base than its newer, more updated version.So why is it all coming to an end?“If Jagex doesn’t fix the F2P bot farms quickly, soon we won't have any new players coming in,” Said Dean, one in all the content writers from Osrsguide, the foremost trusted old style Runescape guide platform.

And he's right. F2P bot farms are a large headache for newer players and OSRS Gold. Automated accounts, better called bots are taking on every single money-making or skilling method that the assemblage of old style Runescape should offer. Giving them nothing left to try and do. If Jagex doesn’t fix this soon, these players might never return.

In a recent report, another company acquired Jagex for 0 million, which caused a panic in the Runescape community. Because everyone remembers the last sale of Jagex, it brought a lot of negative effects. For example, the games that players love are full of unwanted micro-transactions. So what will this acquisition bring? Players are full of doubts. Will Old School Runescape be replaced? All the speculation has been widely dispersed in the game community, and now we can only wait patiently, and the expected time can tell us what the Old School Runescape will become in the future.

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