How much do swords cost?

Posted by adairsawyer on November 5th, 2012

There are several different methods an individual could use to manufacture a sword.  Some of these weapons are produced as simple props for inclusion in movies and plays, while others are designed to be actual working instruments of protection and destruction.  The individual manufacturing the swords will use different techniques depending on the type of weapon being produced.  These weapons have been in existence for several centuries and have been used for combat, performance, contests, sports as well as for menial labor tasks associated within the inner dynamics of societal living.  They are seldom used in combat in this day and age; however they can be used as a source of protection in certain circumstances.

Depending on the quality of the sword and what its intended purpose is the cost of one of these weapons can be relatively cheap, or it can be rather expensive.  Modern manufacturers of swords use completely different methods than those used centuries ago by village blacksmiths.  Many of the replica weapons of this nature produced today are manufactured on an assembly line within a plant or facility, they are not forged and folded in the fires of a cauldron, as they were centuries ago.

The difficulty in determining the price of a sword is further complicated by the size of the weapon.  Swords can be anything from an elongated single blade dagger to an enormous monstrosity of a weapon that requires two hands to wield.  Normally, and in most circumstances, the smaller the weapon, the less material used in its creation, this results in a cheaper price for the piece.  Conversely, larger replicas require more material and therefore a higher price for the item.  This is not always the case since the materials used in the production process can vary vastly with regards to the quality of the metal and accouterments incorporated.

There is also the possibility of purchasing ancient swords that were actually utilized in the field of battle during the period of antiquity in which they were used.  Buying the sword of a well-known and respected historical figure can be a very expensive investment.  This is especially true if there is verified documentation that the item was actually owned and used by a specific person.  In these cases the item is usually place up for auction and the highest bidder is allowed to take the product home with them after paying the agreed upon price.

Swords that have stood the test of time and made their way to the modern world from battle fields associated with historical texts are objects held in the highest regard by historians and weapons collectors around the world.  A sword of this nature has no price tag associated with it.  They are considered priceless within the historical artifacts industry and when they are in the hands of the general public they are often purchased with the intent of adding them to an existing collection of treasured artifacts.  They are not sold in a local store where weapons are legal to purchase.

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