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How to Find the Best Long Range Cameras

Posted by Sarah Addyson on June 4th, 2020

The world of video surveillance is quite complicated as there are numerous types of cameras with unique features and applications. When shopping for a new camera you have to consider whether you will be using it indoors or outdoors, what its intended application is and what features matter to you the most. For example, long range cameras are deployed to detect objects many miles away. If you need long range surveillance camera that can be used during night or in low-visibility conditions you should probably opt for a surveillance camera.

Why Long Range Cameras?

Businesses that need long-range camera surveillance should invest in a system that can detect, recognize and identify targets, as well as view objects that are kilometers away. This is now possible thanks to long range cameras that are cost-effective and designed to detect persons from a very long distance. Although you have the possibility to invest in a custom camera for long-distance surveillance, this is not recommended as the latest cameras have built-in IR illumination as well as thermal imagers.

You need  long range cameras  that provide great performance, that have specialized laser illuminators and thermal cameras that enable them to view objects at night and at a very long distance. Shopping for the right surveillance system can be challenging considering how many options you have and how difficult it is for most people to understand technical jargon. Commercial grade security cameras deliver high-performance and they are perfect for applications where failure is out of the question.

Another wonderful aspect about these cameras is that they work great even in difficult lighting conditions and they have a smart IR feature that allows them to adjust brightness to the scene. When shopping for a surveillance camera you should not forget about camera resolution, integration, remote video storage and professional installation. With proper research and guidance, you should be able to configure a suitable surveillance system for your organization, one that you can afford and that will top your expectations. Nonetheless, it is very important to know exactly what you need.

Which Is the Best Long Range Surveillance Camera?

The security camera landscape continues to evolve and the latest surveillance devices have perfected night vision, thermal imaging, network integration and long distance range. Security cameras have different configurations, they provide different performance. Thermal cameras are known for their long range and they are available with fixed lenses and variable zoom lenses. Nowadays there is a growing demand for long range surveillance camera especially for perimeter protection.

Low light areas cause motion blur but this is not a problem for thermal imagers. Thermal cameras have various applications and they can be used for:
• Perimeter surveillance
• Monitoring overheating of equipment in manufacturing plants
• Cold storage rooms that are foggy

The whole point of installing a surveillance system is to get the best performance and for this to happen you have to understand the environment. Thermal cameras have certain limitations and they should not be used in reflective surfaces. The long range thermal camera is ideal for environments that are in complete darkness and that withstand adverse weather conditions. These devices are highly useful when it comes to detecting intruders, especially at night.

If you would like to spot and track intruders quickly in any weather condition, thermal  long range surveillance camera is the perfect solution. This device is designed to detect heat sources at long distances, it is quite affordable and it has numerous uses. The best part is that most people can afford to invest in such a camera and to enjoy all the advantages it provides without spending a fortune on it. These devices are suitable for surveillance on construction sites, car dealerships, parks and storage facilities. Furthermore, they are ideal in environments where false alarms are a common occurrence for they reduce false alarms to a great extent.

How to Install Long Range Surveillance Camera

When installing long range cameras, it is important to consider where you will place them and to make sure there are not any tree branches or flags that obstruct vision and that the cameras are mounted firmly. Thanks to these devices it is possible to detect a threat at its earliest stage. Thermal imagers should be used in the first line of defense for they will top your expectations, they are sensitive, accurate and they provide unrivalled performance when it comes to detection.

If discreet and cost-effective detection is a priority for you then you should not hesitate to use thermal long range devices. These are designed to enhance perimeter security and one of the most recent innovations is the local contrast enhancement. Cameras can detect objects or humans even at a very small temperature difference and this is possible thanks to this enhancement. When you calculate the detection range for the camera you should consider the specific environment conditions. Thermal images are affected by two environmental factors and these are absorption and scattering. Absorption is caused by water vapors and carbon dioxide, while scattering is the result of conditions such as rain, snow, fog and smog.

To summarize, the best use for thermal long range cameras is perimeter protection but this does not mean that you should not deploy them for fire prevention, long range detection. Manufacturers do their best to optimize the existing products so that they can have more applications across various fields. You can use cameras that provide clear images even at the long distance and you have the possibility to select the size of the lens according to the environment you are monitoring. Lens can be 13 mm, 19 mm or 35 mm and state of the art cameras are not affected by weather conditions. Thermal long-range devices are a wonderful option and they have a wide range of applications, facilitating perimeter surveillance, fire detection and enabling users to deal with power failures quickly. This is an investment you will not regret in the long run.

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