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Bitdefender Internet Security 2020 antivirus Review

Posted by more555george on June 4th, 2020

Bitdefender is a top-notch antivirus which is best known for its advanced data security tools. Bitdefender antivirus is available in various setups according to the tools and budget. Getting Bitdefender antivirus ensures that your computer is fully protected from all the nasty threats. If you have a Windows PC then installing Bitdefender antivirus will protect you from all online threats.

Complete Real-time data protection

Bitdefender has an excellent virus detection and removal rate. It detects almost every virus which tries to enter the device. Once the Bitdefender detects the virus, it immediately removes the virus before the virus can cause any harm. Bitdefender antivirus also provides scheduled scans which means you can easily set the scans according to your need. Once you schedule the scan; your device will automatically get scanned. This feature is very helpful because people often forget to scan their PC. If you want to protect your device from all the threats then you must update your Bitdefender. If the automatic Bitdefender update failed then you should update your antivirus manually. 

Web Security

Bitdefender antivirus offers excellent web security. When you search for anything on the web browser; Bitdefender checks all the result links and tells which result URL is safe to open and which is not. Bitdefender antivirus also makes sure that no malware is monitoring your online activities. It blocks all the malware like keyloggers and spyware from stealing your data.

Safe Files

Safe Files is the most powerful tool for securing your crucial files. You can add important files on the Safe Files tool and Bitdefender will guard your files against all unauthorized access. No malware such as ransomware, or other viruses can change access or make changes to your files. Only trusted applications can access the files you saved in the Safe Files folder. Here you can easily store your bank and other financial related data.

Rescue Mode

Dangerous threats like advanced viruses, rootkits, etc should be removed before you start your Windows. If you have Bitdefender internet security 2020 in your device then the rescue mode will automatically remove all the dangerous threats and restore the PC at reboot. This mode ensures that your PC is always protected from all the bad threats.


Bitdefender firewall is famous for providing advanced security. Once you enable your Bitdefender firewall, it creates an extra layer of protection on your network. This firewall protects your personal information and all the data secure from all internet threats and malware. Bitdefender firewall checks the incoming data and blocks all the unauthorized access. This firewall also keeps an eye on the outgoing data to ensure that no data is traveling outside the device without your authentication. You should always enable your Bitdefender firewall for better security. It also helps to keep your network protected when you are playing online games. 


Whenever you visit a website, Bitdefender tells you whether the website is safe or not. Bitdefender antivirus 2020 has an advanced filtering system. It warns you whenever you are visiting a website that seems fraud or which may scam you. This feature is very helpful when you are doing online shopping. Many times we see the same products on different websites with different rates. Some of those websites can be fake. By using anti-fraud features, you can ensure that you are accessing a reliable website. 


Bitdefender auto-pilot is an advisor mode. Bitdefender antivirus checks your whole device deeply and tells where you need to make changes. It recommends the security actions which are needed on your computer. 

Global Protective Network

All the heavy scanning is done on the cloud. This feature reduces the system impact on the local resources. When you use the global protective network; there is no impact on your device’s speed and performance. All your files are fully protected and private which means the antivirus never uploads or opens the file on the cloud.

Secure Gaming Mode

Bitdefender antivirus provides an advanced security gaming mode. Whenever you play games or watch movies on full screen; Bitdefender antivirus mutes all the unnecessary requests and popups to provide your smooth gaming experience. Bitdefender waits until you complete the game and then shows you all the pop-ups and requests. 

Bitdefender VPN

VPN is one of the top features of Bitdefender antivirus. If you are traveling abroad and accessing the public network then using Bitdefender VPN will keep you safe. It creates a virtual private network to keep your data safe. No hacker can find your location because it masks your actual IP address with something else. It also encrypts all your online traffic to protect the data from intruders. 

Webcam Protection

If your device security is poor then cybercriminals can not only enter your PC but can also access it. Cybercriminals can also access your webcam remotely. You don’t have any knowledge and someone is monitoring all your activities. But if you have Bitdefender then you don’t have to worry about these kinds of threats because the webcam protection feature blocks all the unauthorized access. It blocks the remote access of your webcam.

Password Manager

Bitdefender Password manager helps to keep all your passwords safe. You can store all your passwords on this password manager tool and can access them easily with a master key. You can easily autofill the forms securely.

Parental Control

Bitdefender parental control provides a geofencing feature which means you can easily track your kids’ location. You can limit their internet access. The parental control feature also allows you to block all the inappropriate content on the kids’ device. You can also monitor the search history and other online activities. 

File Shredder

The file shredder tool ensures that your file is gone for good. Sometimes we delete the file from the disk which can easily be restored by the hacker. But if you use the file shredder tool then nobody can restore that file. 

Some other top features of Bitdefender antivirus are safe online banking, file encryption, battery mode, anti-spam, advanced threat defense, etc.

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