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Posted by IchessU on November 7th, 2012

Chess is one of the ancient games, which has been popular since ages as a fierce mental battle. The game draws on mental calculations and chess strategies to win over your opponent.  The art of chess is quite intricate and takes years to master. The learning of the game begins with a simple understanding of the pieces, their moves and general rules. Once these basics are absorbed, the budding players learn to play chess and comprehend different strategies and moves. Chess is all about thinking ahead of your opponent and planning each move beforehand, to gain an advantage. The chess strategy can be divided into three main phases:

  • The opening game
  • The middle game
  • The end game

Each of these phases bears their own criticality and draws on different calculations to win. The opening game begins with the first move to bring the game to a point where your major pieces are well protected, and you begin to dominate the middle board. This phase of the game comprises of specific strategies termed as the opening moves.  One has to make these moves after considering the moves of the opponent player. There are innumerable opening strategies and the key lies in memorizing and producing the perfect strategy.

The middle game, on the other hand, is deemed to begin after about 10 turns. Here, the focus is on gaining advantage by taking the pieces of your opponent. The pieces here should be taken following a perfect tactic as every move should bring you more in command of the end game.

The end phase of the game is usually when a few pieces are left on the board. Most common types of endings: pawn endings, rook endings, opposite color bishop endings. Many times opponents enter the endgame with very equal position and then one has to show the skills to win it. On other occasions, one opponent already has a decisive advantage and only needs to exploit it.

From chess opening to the end game, there are countless chess strategies, which could be leveraged to achieve victory. These strategies can be learnt from watching the tournaments and attending the chess classes. In today’s hectic schedule, people might find themselves unable to attend regular chess classes. For such people, the online chess classes are a real boon. Available at your own home and at your convenient time, these classes not only teach you the strategies, but also offer an opportunity to interact with players from all across the globe.

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Alex Rabinovich is an International Chess Master. He was a World Champion for High Schools in 1996 and also got 3rd place in Europe under 18. He was a coach of the Junior Israeli Olympic team.

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