Can IPhone App Developers Work On Android Apps?

Posted by SharonEvans on November 7th, 2012

There is a very common belief that people have when looking at application developers. They think that iphone app developers know exactly what has to be done whenever looking at mobile applications. There are so many that think there is no difference between them and android app developers. The misconception appears because of a lack of technological knowledge linked to mobile computing. In reality, someone that is specialized in creating one type of app will rarely be good enough to use another platform and deliver results of a similar quality. 

The operating systems for iPhones and other smart phones are different. There is a huge fight between Android and iOS with both of them trying to offer a high quality for clients. If you need to hire iphone app developers it is imperative that you avoid talking to those that can only present Android apps that were created in the past. Analyzing portfolio is important and this is basically the only way in which you can be sure that you are hiring the best possible developers to work in your case.

The huge difference between the two operating systems appears when analyzing what they can do. Although at first glance both android app developers and iPhone developers pull out the same application, the truth is that the programming involved is different. The main core of the program is the same but the coding is always different. A team that only works on one platform cannot deliver the exact same quality on the other platform and this is a reality that we have to consider at all times.

What is really important for a buyer is to understand the differences. The good news is that there are companies that can offer suitable versions of the same apps for both operating systems. However, in this case, the iphone app developers are not actually going to work on the implementation of the app in the Android setting. This basically means that 2 groups of specialists will work on the 2 applications. The good news is that when you employ developers from the same company, the end result will be an app that works on both platforms as the specialists can communicate properly and bring out similar quality.

There are some android app developers out there that will tell you that they can do the app that is necessary for Android and for the iphone. That is false. In most cases these developers will either create a bad iphone app or they will outsource a part of the work so that they can have iphone developers working on the Apple version of the application.

In conclusion, we can say that some iphone app developers can do at least a part of the work that would be necessary to create an Android version of a particular application. However, even if this is possible, it is always better to work with two different teams of specialists that work together so that both versions of a given app can work perfectly on the chosen mobile operating system platforms.

There are many companies that put you in touch with great iphone app developers and android app developers. If you are looking for such services, you can consider the links here as they will bring you to a group of specialists that has a proven track record of offering high quality applications for clients.

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