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Process Safety Management Certification Training in India

Posted by thesafetymaster20 on June 4th, 2020

Process Safety Management was developed as a standard by OSHA to assist companies to improve safety. Any company that uses one among the 130+ chemicals identified as dangerous by OSHA should follow the PSM standards.

The risk of unexpected spills or leaks from chemicals that are toxic, flammable, or reactive is present in facilities throughout the planet. Since accidental releases can occur at any time, OSHA determined it had been necessary to make a set of standards to help reduce the general risk. When a facility properly implements the Process Safety Management standards, they're working to stop potential disasters associated with dangerous chemicals.

Process safety starts with design-friendly plants which will withstand human error and breakdown without serious effects on safety, environment, and efficiency. Process design analysis is extremely helpful to assess the risks within the project. It involves activities like risk analysis, hazard analysis, guidelines for estimating losses, and project review and procedures. Process safety identifies risk and control measures to scale back or eliminate the risks to avoid unwanted events.

Increase the welfare of your employees and your company by completing our Process Safety Management Certificate Training. You’ll find out how to properly create process safety management and risk management plans to guard your community, plus you’ll understand how Process Hazard Analysis and applying principles of mechanical integrity can boost your company’s safety record. The aim of this certification training is to shift employees from thinking of PSM elements as essential parts and procedures to a system of mutually supportive actions and results. This new perspective provides the base for incident and hazard reduction.

How TheSafetyMaster can Help:

  • We'll cover the role of employers and employees, also the requirements for contractors. 
  • You'll study the identification and evaluation of potential problems, and the importance of training, emergency planning, and mechanical integrity.
  • The Process Safety Management Training introduces PSM concepts and the way to develop an efficient PSM program.
  • We also provide standard document development for process safety management.
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