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9 Must-Have Traits and Features in a Right Call Center Software Solution

Posted by voipdevelopment on June 4th, 2020

Not all software solutions developed are the same. Some are excellent, some hardly do their job, and some straightforward fail even in a demo and covered up by the sales rep. 

Similarly, all call center solutions do not provide the identical expected performance. A number of them are unnecessary and give a hard time to the users. Some are packed with many worthless features. Moreover, some of them are completely dysfunctional. Do not worry. Some really impressive call center solutions deliver extraordinary performance and benefits. All you need to do is be careful while choosing a call center software for your business.  

Don't fret. You will not need to go through exhaustive trial-and-error tests to check all available options. In this article, you will get advice from call center experts. All you need to look for the following traits and functionalities in a call center solution that you are considering:

1. Simple and User-friendly Interface

Call center solutions usually come with admin (manager) and agent interfaces. These interfaces have to be easy to understand. All labels and navigations must be clean, simple to comprehend, and clear to read. You should be able to navigate your way around without getting lost in the myriad processes.

2. Nested IVRS

IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) is usually available in all call center solutions, but what you are looking for in the right call center software is the nested IVR system. It instantly provides the required information to the caller without exhausting agents with exorbitant demand from callers. This enables agents to invest time in further productive works.

3. Automatics Callback Feature

The right call center solutions must provide an option of callback if he does not want to wait in the call queue. Automated callback feature schedule the call and calls back to the caller as soon as the agent is available or callback request time appears. It helps in delighting customers.

4. Call Routing

All call center solutions offer call routing strategies aka rules. You need to look for the call routing rules, which are advanced and help in making agents more productive. For example, Sticky Agent and Skill-based Call Routing rules have to be there in the software. Moreover, call routing to the agent that is idle for long helps in assuring the high productivity of all agents.

5. Customer Information Popup

When a call is connected, a popup window must appear instantly on the agent screen. This popup must show all customer information such as caller personal information, past interactions, disposition, etc. This helps to cultivate better relationships with customers.

6. Live Call Views and Statistics

You must have real-time statistics made available directly into the call center software. With this functionality, managers can monitor live call data and take the required actions based on that data. It assists assuring managers to stay on top of all circumstances.

7. Managerial Functions of Proactive Monitoring 

The right call center solutions let the managers review daily activities that occur between and callers. Besides, it also provides managerial rights to any ongoing conversations so agents can be supervised. It also helps in boosting the performance and work quality of agents.

8. Scalable & Flexible

A right call center software is compatible with all solutions and APIs. Any third-party API can be integrated into the call center solution. For example, call center CRM integration should allow integrating any CRM system. Also, developing new features to meet all custom needs of call centers and companies should be supported by the call center software.

9. Affordable

The cost of the software remains the determining factor for the final decision. Not only the cost of call center solutions, but also the costs of ongoing support and maintenance have to be affordable. 

Author Bio

Author works in a VoIP development company which offers various unified communication solutions. From smart call center solution to small business call center, virtual call center software, VICIDial solution, and many other call center related software and tools.

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