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Split your Tickets and Travel like Smartest Passenger

Posted by livyajen on June 5th, 2020

Before you know about split tickets, let us first understand why you need them. Every next person, being a customer wants to save on everything he/she buys. People love to have discounts on their daily purchases, and they seek for the chances that can lead them to discounts and savings. You must have tried a lot of methods to save. The sale seasons, the vouchers, compromising with the needs, grabbing the one in one discount, lifetime investments and whatnot. You love to cut your expenses in everything so that you can save a few bucks at the end of the month. But what about those expenses that cannot be avoided, and you can't apply any discounts on them? Like travelling, the most you can do is travel from the cheapest medium instead of cabs or taxis. And the cheapest you can go is trains. But train tickets for long routes are expensive as well. In that case, you are left with no choice but travelling on those rates only. But wait, you may be wrong there because there is a term called splitting tickets which can help you majorly.

What is Split Ticketing?

Splitting is a term that defines the method of booking the train tickets which can provide you with the tickets for the same journey at a lesser price. While you split, it means that you are splitting your fare. In simpler words, split ticketing is a technique through which you book your train tickets for the smaller parts of your journey that leads you to pay for short routes. When you book train tickets for your journey, nobody forces you to buy a direct ticket. It's just that you feel direct tickets to be comfortable and more convenient. But have you ever thought that you can catch the smaller routes that connect to reach your destination? You must have thought doing that would not help. But logically, if you split the routes, you will have to pay for smaller routes that are cheaper than the direct routes. That is why ticket-splitting helps you to save your money on the train tickets. 


When you split ticketsyou find out the different routes that you can catch within your journey. The destinations you are travelling between must have a lot of intermediate stations. Instead of going directly from the start destination to the final one, if you choose to book your tickets for the connecting intermediate stations, you may get to reach your station at a lesser price.

 For example, if you are travelling from station A to D, you would prefer to buy the direct ticket from A to D which may cost you extra due to the convenience. But if you choose to split, you may find the split routes, probably from A to B and B to D, you may get to pay a little less. The routes from A to B and B to D are smaller than A to D, that is why they may cost you cheaper and you will be able to reach D at a lesser price. That is how split train tickets work.

This method is very popular amongst the audience if the United Kingdom. Therefore, if you are a UK resident, you can explore any part of the country by travelling through trains and splitting your ticket every time you travel. The United Kingdom is full of rush and the country offers a lot of beautiful sites to visit and you have got a lot to see for your perfect vacation. Even if you are not a tourist but a permanent resident, you may have to travel daily to your workplaces and may have to cover long distances. For all the travelling issues, split tickets offer you to make your train travel UK simpler and cheaper. 

If you see, travelling demands the most expensive throughout the month if you have to travel daily. That is why if you want to cut those expenses, you can only do that if you are travelling through trains and are splitting your tickets. If you ask, “how to split my ticket", then it is my friend, the easiest thing to do. Instead of standing in the rush at ticket counters, you can book your split tickets online by checking the possible routes between your destinations. So, adopt this method today so that you start saving right there. 

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