Why You Must Use Digital Pigeon to Send Big Files Over the Internet

Posted by jackbandy on November 14th, 2012

It is common knowledge that most people struggle when they need to send big files over the internet. When one wants to email large files he has to sit in front of his computer for hours in order to attach them. Therefore, Digital Pigeon, the software that helps you for sending big files over the internet is a very useful software program. It is able to provide you with many benefits. It is a program that is more useful for businesses than for individual users as quick delivery is of utmost importance for businesses.
The most prominent benefit of this program is its ability to help users to send big files in very short times. The speed is due to their usage of new technology in designing the software. The design of the software is such that you could drag and drop your files in order to make the software to upload them. The uploaded files could be viewed and downloaded by the intended recipient. When you send files this way you also are able to watch the progress of your file transfer unlike when you email large files.
Another benefit is the low cost of the software that enables you to send big files. The starter version comes to you free of charge. However, you will be able to send files that are up to 500MB in size. Also, you could send your files only to a maximum of 3 recipients. Also, you will be able to send only 4 messages per month. In case you need to update to the basic paid version, you need to pay just $10 per month. In case you want more facilities you have two more options that provide you with better facilities. When you use the starter version you could use it the same way you email large files.
Speedy delivery of files is the most important benefit you enjoy when you use Digital pigeon. You have the ability to send big files in an instance depending on the package you are using. Also, the downloading of files is an easy task for the recipient when you send your files with this software. Since time is of utmost important when you do business businessmen couldn’t afford to email large files as it takes a long time to upload and to download.
One of the biggest benefit businesses enjoy when they send big files this way is the simplicity of the program. In case the recipient is a client who is not well versed on computer software, you never need to worry. He has to just press the button “download all”. He will receive all the files. This way you could send your files even to a novice in using computers. In case he knows how to email large files and how to download them he will be able to handle this program in order to receive the files you send him. This software is so simple that receiving files is child’s play.

Digital Pigeon is an easy to use software program that could be used to send big files through the internet. In order to send your files you only need minimal knowledge on computer software. If you know how to email large files that knowledge is quite sufficient.

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