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Posted by AmandaTom on November 14th, 2012

 Using various booking websites is a great way to advertize and keep potential guests informed about your business. However, logging in to each site and posting updates related to room availability, rates and dates can be a troublesome activity. Fortunately, due to the progress of technology, you have the possibility to manage all the information in an effective and secured way, by using a channel manager and a booking button and save time, money, and increase the occupancy rates of your hotel or motel.

The purpose of UseROSS channel manager is to help you maximize the occupancy rates and avoid overbooking by automatically synchronizing your hotel inventory to all the channels you use. As mentioned before, this helps you save a lot of time, because you can operate it from one place, from any computer that has internet connection and it requires a single login. Although the technology behind the UseROSS channel manager and booking button is very advanced, it remains accessible and user friendly.

Basically, the technology relies on a two-way connection, meaning that the booking information from your computer is updated to the booking websites you use, without you having to login and confirm the information to each site. UseROSS is compatible with many front desk systems, such as Motel Mate, Satin, RMS, RHS, Concierge and others. The system works as follows: when a booking is made on one of the booking websites, the guest information is automatically delivered to your front desk system and the inventory is reduced from all the other sites you use. Also, if you wish, you can add special features to the channel manager such as stopping bookings from being made after the closing hours of your office or block bookings in advance for a day or a week.

You can add the booking button to the UseROSS channel manager. The booking button is a great manner of turning your official website into a profit center, because it helps you manage rates and availability, it synchronizes availability with the other channels and it secures your guests’ data. Nevertheless, there are no hidden fees corresponding to each individual booking and you can still manage the bookings from wherever it is convenient to you.

UseROSS helps you synchronize a growing list of booking sites such as Wotif,, Quickbeds, Jasons, BookEasy, Orbitz, RatesToGo, Expedia, Check-In, AOT, AA New Zealand, AAA Tourism and many others. The costs of using these services are within some of the lowest price ranges and they imply the advantage that the cost won’t increase according to the number of sites you decide to use. Furthermore, if you choose UseROSS you will benefit from a free, no obligation trial period equivalent to 21 days. There will be no locking contract: you can pay month by month and you will be the one who decides when the services are needed. Once an account is created you can pay and reactivate it whenever you consider it convenient.

The UseROSS channel manager and booking button allow you to update automatically many booking websites, avoid unpleasant situations such as overbooking and help you maximize occupancy rates.

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