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How Do Environmental Science Courses Benefit Us

Posted by xavieruniversitybbsr on June 5th, 2020

The environment has been a close companion during our student life from early on. Environmental science or EVS is taught as a separate subject up to secondary school, and colleges and universities have graduated to offering Environmental Science courses as an option. EVS scholars have the opportunities to be a part of various projects that all aim towards harnessing a better future. The last few years have only highlighted how frail our planet has become and how urgent the need to conserve is. From the earliest development of our being, it is moulded into our conscience spiritedly to do everything in our power to 'preserve'- Energy, Environment, Earth and Ourselves.

 Environmental Sciences, the subject we have popularly come to know as EVS, is an interdisciplinary study that involves elements of biological, chemical and physical processes. The interaction of both natural as well as unnatural activities are examined and their effects are studied under this branch of science. This wing is entirely dedicated to the study of the environment, its complications and obtaining solutions. Study of Environmental Studies mainly deals with the study of Climatic Changes, Conservation of Energy, Soil, water and methods to treat air, water and soil pollution. The Scientific approach treating the Environment in Physical, Chemical and Biological Contexts is called Environmental Studies. Also called as Ecology.

In recent years, we have heard of various disasters and crises that have wreaked havoc around us. We have reached a point where we are forced to put nature before ourselves in a bid to survive. We seem to be rushing headlong towards global warming. The greenhouse effect appears to have taken a vicious form as gaseous emissions show no signs of declining. As a result, news about ozone depletion or melting ice caps are of no surprise at all. A recent study claims that if the polar ice continues to melt at the current rate, we should find ourselves in a situation similar to that at the end of the ice age within the next 10 years.

Such calamitous change in temperature affects the different habitats and hotspots and results in the endangering of various species of flora and fauna. Many types of plants and animals are now vulnerable or endangered due to the raging forest fires that have afflicted diversity hotspots. There are research wings and think tanks dedicated to discovering energy resources that are economically, geographically and ethically suitable for harvesting, as fossil fuels are guaranteed to run out in the coming times.

All this brings us to sustainable development, which goes conjointly with environmental studies. We hold an essential place in the ecological cycle and as an advanced species, being at the helm comes with greater responsibilities. It's not enough to get rid of air, water and soil pollution- the pollution of the mind must go as well. It is vital to develop, along with skill, ambition and knowledge, morale that guides us through our thoughts and deeds.

Environmental science is academically rigorous and involves developing a wide range of transferable skills that are very useful in the job market. Courses in Environmental Sciences include a holistic study of subjects like biology, chemistry, social sciences, physics and geography, among others. An environmental science degree equips you with the scientific background and key skills necessary for roles in a range of career areas, including conservation and sustainability. This combination provides an integrated perspective that is much required in the current job market. 

Due to rapid changes in energy industries and the emerging challenges of climate change, the field of environmental science continues to grow across the private, nonprofit, and public/government sectors. There is a sincere need for environmental consultants, environmental engineers, environmental scientists, environmental lawyers,  zoologists, wildlife managers, hydrologists, conservation scientists, sustainability engineers, researchers and educators.

About us- Environmental pollution has emerged as a major concern, affecting developed and developing countries. Pollution mainly affects human health followed by ecological damage and climate change. To address such challenges, a multidisciplinary approach is required for a better environment. With this background, Xavier University, Bhubaneswar, through its renowned Xavier School of Sustainability, offers an undergraduate program, BSc (Hons.), in Environmental Sciences. BSc. Environmental Sciences (EVS) at Xavier University Bhubaneswar has been designed by incorporating both natural sciences and some subjects on social sciences. In addition, students have an opportunity for experiential learning through capstone projects, Summer Internship Projects (SIP) and Personal excellence for overall understanding of EVS in creating a Sustainable Future. B.Sc. EVS will act as a gateway to various higher studies like MBA in Sustainability Management, M.Sc. EVS, M.Phil EVS and Ph.D EVS. Students with a minimum of 55% marks in aggregate in 12th Science can avail the benefits of this program.

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