Role of Notary Public Stamp and Seal

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A notary bond is an official document that validates the identity of the individuals involved in an agreement. A notary bond may also have terms of agreements in it, but what is most noteworthy is that, it ascertains which individuals are involved in the agreement. The role of notary public stamp and seal is crucial because it makes the Signe liable to present their true identification; failure to do so would not result in completion of deals and agreements. It thus prevents offences like fraud and felony.

A notary bond is signed by a notary public- an official of the state who is assigned to accept affidavits, declarations, administer oaths, acknowledge deeds and leases authenticate documents, etc. A notary public is himself required to obtain a notary bond that ascertains his identity. While a notary bond may sound like an ordinary document that is approved by the state, what sets these documents apart physically is the notary public stamp and seal. These are available at notary publics, who are usually lawyers, attorneys or those under them. The notary stamp or seal signifies authentication; a document containing the notary stamp or seal cannot be passed off as irrelevant. Very often, in cases of fraud or misdemeanour, a document with a notary seal or stamp can be used as evidence by either party.

It is illegal to reproduce these stamps and seals without being a notary public. The state has exclusive rights to the production and printing of these. A notary seal contains information about the validation of the notary public. It also states about the state that the notary public is employed by. So, the stamp of a Michigan notary public or a notary public Pennsylvania will contain the name of the state, county or district he is appointed in and the date till which he is licensed to act as a notary public. A notary public seal or stamp can be purchased from many companies that have the license to sell them. There are different kinds of notary stamps that are sold. Some are simple like seal; one only needs to press the seal against the document. Other kinds of stamps include those that look like staplers; these stamps punch the paper and leave an embossed stamp or seal.

The notary public stamp or notary public seal is not a replacement for the notary public's signature. A notary bond still required the notary public's signature to be complete. If you are in need for notary public seal and a notary to help you in legal matters, it is advisable to search for the websites and find the best help.

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