Do You Really Need To Buy Microsoft Office?

Posted by eshopsoftware77 on June 5th, 2020

Microsoft office 2019 home business can be used to meet diverse needs in different ways. The first thing you ought to do is to buy Office 365 subscription, and this allows you to access the latest full version of PowerPoint, Word, Excel and outlook direct on your PC as well as tablets or smartphones that you own. Publisher and Access are also available, but these two tools can only be sued on a PC. You will also be given a 1TB of storage space on Microsoft's cloud service, OneDrive (anyone can get 5GB for free). It costs approximately £59.99 per year for personal use on one user, for £79.99 each year, you get 365 Home, which lets you fix six different log-ins, and this is a better deal for the family. For each package, you will get new updates for new tools and features, bug fixes, and security updates.

What Are The Pros Of Google Docs, Apart From Cost?

It's easy to use. Microsoft office 2019 professional plus carries tones of features, some made for more advanced uses, like the word's Reference menu, which helps you create an academic format. This makes Microsoft Office a little cluttered. Google ditches all but the essential features that make programs simple. Any feature you do not need, you can also remove it. There is no more long scrolling through menus trying to find the spell checker!

Google Docs offers extra free online storage space. Google Drive offers you 15GB of online storage space; this is triple the amount that Microsoft gives.

Google AutoSaves all data done to Google Drive by default; this means you will never lose any work since every click and the keystroke is saved. Although the Web version of the Microsoft Office does this, using the PC version automatically saves your local hard drive after specified minutes. If you want more saves often or automatically to OneDrive, you will have to adjust your settings.

GHI TIP: to open new document, slide or sheet, type docs. New slides. New sheets. New into the address bar of the Chrome browser.

What Are The Pros Of Microsoft Office?

There is a variety of templates to choose from. Whatever document you are creating, Microsoft office has the best template for it. This is very applicable when creating files like letters, flyers, or CVs. In comparison, creating such documents with Google can be relatively tricky, and you will lack the controls you have with Microsoft.

Internet connection is not necessary. The biggest challenge with using Google's free service in the web browser is that it heavily relies on internet connection. If you lose web access suddenly, you will not be able to access the files or load on services in the browser. Google Docs can be productive "offline," but it is fiddly to set-up and needs to be done in advance. That will not be the case with Microsoft Office since every item is available both offline and online.

Microsoft Office has a broader range of applications. With any of the paid subscriptions, you will not just get Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. You will also be able to access Outlook for emails, publishers to build on professional documents, and Access to the database software.

Microsoft office 2019 professional plus allows you to edit many types of files. The major downfall of Google Docs is that it won't give you a chance to edit PDFs, whereas the Microsoft Office can. This is particularly important for students and professionals who want full control of a broader range of file types.

Our Verdict

Buying Microsoft Office subscription is unavoidable for those with many detailed files to create and edit. If you need software for lighter word processing and data entry, we recommend Google Docs Suite.

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