Simon Simonn?s and his investment company

Posted by juliabennet on November 19th, 2012

Simon Simonnæs is a 35 year-old business man from Norway, the owner of Simonnæs Holding, a famous investment company for corporations and real investment. Since he was a kid, Simon Simonnæs has proved to be a versatile and hard-working person. When he was eleven, he got his first job, as a bellhop at the Admiral. At the age of 22, he finished the studies at the Norwegian School of Management. Moreover, in this period of time, Simon Simonnæs worked as an estate agent. Then, he worked as a part time bouncer at Olav Thon. He continued learning a lot of things which formed a strong basic knowledge that helped him to start several companies. The most important person in Simon Simonnæs’ life was his father who taught him all the essential aspects of life and who shaped his personality. With the help of his father and his knowledge, Simon Simonnæs has lived and still lives a balanced life, of which he is proud. Nowadays, he is an important business man, owning one of the most important investment companies in Norway.

Simon Simonnæs always desired to be independent from others and this thing probably was the key factor that led him to become the man he is today. In an interview, he says that the amount of money that he earns is not so important to him, if he can manage to live a life without financial worries. Moreover, he is pleased with his life because he doesn’t have to worry about playing the next month’s bills, the way his family did in the past. Simon Simonnæs is a hard working man, working many hours day and night, thing which doesn’t bother him so much.

He has a lot of responsibilities to take care of. He usually has a lot of creative ideas for his business’ improvement. Sometimes these new perspectives work, but there are less fortunate days, when they don’t. Espen Galtung Døsvig is a good friend of Simon, with whom he established many businesses. He enjoys working with him because they give each other useful advice, feedback and the results are quite satisfying. Espen feels a tremendous respect for Simon Simonnæs and has only positive things for describing him: a true friend, a reliable person and a hard worker who has a flair for business.

Simonnæs Holding is a Norwegian investment company for corporations and real investment which belongs to Simon Simonnæs and which was established in 1995.  The investments include a wide variety of projects, from new buildings to the reconstruction of complexes. But the main purpose of Simon Simonnæs is based on the long-term investments in real estate. The company is structured into two main departments: the administration and the transport department.  The administration department is run by two persons: the office manager and the business development. Considering the transport department, it is based on the responsibilities of an economist and a specialist who is in charge with the internal resources and external business partners.

Have you ever considered how important is the business of Simon Simonnæs? Find out more useful details about Simon Simonnæs.

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