Your Place Isn't Haunted, Call In The Top Electrician In Las Vegas

Posted by synergyllc on November 20th, 2012

With Halloween dominating the calendar, it's only natural to assume that other worldly forces are at work. However, flickering lights, appliances that work one second and stop the next, and light switches that don't turn on are more the result of and electrical system in need of maintenance or repair. Trust me, you don't need to call the ghost busters or a priest...

Any number of things can cause the electrical system to start acting as though you're living in a haunted house. While this tends to be more the case with older houses with older wiring, even a brand new house may need electrical solutions. Worn out wiring, improper installation, poor grounding, surges, and electrical shorts can all wreak havoc on their best day. At worst, they can cause damaging and deadly fires.

The good news is that most of the time, a good electrical contractor can easily locate and repair where things have gone haywire. With their experience and state of the art detection equipment, even the most stubborn of electrical issues can be discovered and dealt with. So soon they can confirm it was a wire shorting out that caused that light to keep flickering, not ghosts.

Now in extreme cases, such as wiring that is no longer safe, or that was so poorly installed when the house was built may require a complete re-wire. This is both an expensive and daunting proposition. However, Synergy has done their share of track homes as well as customs, and often can come up with cabling solutions that will come in at considerably less cost and hassle than what other electricians would be.

Bu Synergy isn't confined to mere residential homes with their electrical expertise and flushing out light flickering ghosts. They currently take care of the commercial electrical needs of 30 government buildings around the Las Vegas valley. And while you may not consider the fact that all employees have had a thorough back ground check performed, and even have access badges allowing them into secure building areas to do work for the Las Vegas police, you can certainly breathe easier knowing such when they come to your door or office.

Lastly, sometimes "haunts" aren't in the house itself, but maybe at the outside power line. Synergy has the industrial electrical expertise and the 50 foot boom truck to reach even those high tension lines if they have to get there to fix your electrical issues. Works great for those parking lots and street lights as well!

Synergy is the top independent electrical contractor in Las Vegas, and for good reason. They have the equipment, they have the knowhow, and they have a flawless track record for getting to a service call on time. So matter what type of ghosts may seem to haunt your home or commercial property, those flickering lights, lights going out, and other wired happenings with appliances can all be excised quickly and easily. Trust me, it's not ghosts.

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