Why Is It Crucial To Get The Music Licensed?

Posted by Music Of The Sea on June 5th, 2020

If you are new into the music licensing industry, initially you might feel perplexed. Music licensing means the royalty free music or the production music. Such music are written and composed with the only agenda of being used into another project. Someone who is interested in using the music, they need to pay a fee to make use of the music in their project.

Commercial music:

Commercial music is performed and written by artists like U2, M83, and Adele. These types of music are not meant to place your music in major films or TV other than the private or personal performance. When you are downloading an MP3 or buying a CD, you will find the statement that it is meant for any commercial use other than listening to it in person. Business use is strictly prohibited even playing it in a hair salon.

If you want to play commercial music into any public performance or in a public place, the public performance license is the very first thing that you need to acquire the right to play wherever you want. In the US, it is the ASCAP and in the UK it is the PPL or the PRS. These are the renowned organizations that arrange fees to the business proprietor as per the location and size of the business. This might be time consuming and expensive for just playing music for the customers visiting your premises. However, it does provide you the permission to play the song for your customer without facing any legal issues.

This is not a solution for the filmmaking and the video production house as in such case the purpose and use of the music differs a lot. Many video production agencies bring up new content for their clients and where they require background music. While licensing a commercial music, arrangement of license for the public, online performance and also the mass distribution become an expensive endeavor.

Licensing royalty free music is much simpler and cheaper solution to get good music along with getting all the required rights for the clients keeping a transparent and affordable license.

Who needs music licensing?

Anyone who is into creating digital content with the only intention to make it publicly visible or getting it published in the online platform. If you want to place your music in major TV, with a licensing company it becomes really very simple. You can never own music that you haven’t written or composed or licensed.

What about the personal projects or home movies?

The rules are the same for everyone which includes the personal projects and home movies as well. However, if you are not using it for making any profit out of it or for any clients, it is still permitted to use music in such contents. The scenario differs when the content gets published into the social platforms like YouTube and Facebook. Once you make a video and post it, you might notice that the video is being blocked by the social platforms or detected in some countries. The only reason is because the record labels and the commercial artists have an agreement which monitors the use of such contents on the social platform and can be enforced.

However, there are several commercial artists along with the record labels that give permission to make use of the music but in turn for advertising. As soon as the content will be, an ad will appear to your content as a permission to use that special music track. In case it is something for fun or personal, this is not required.

If you are willing to do music licensing for film and TV, music licensing companies like Music of the Sea will be beneficial.

The risks associated with commercial music being used in professional videos:

Any clients would come up with the need for using the top hits in the chartbuster as it resonated to the potential market or it sounded similar to their brand. Just mentioned above, if someone decides to use it, their video could end up being deleted or blocked with other future implications like suspending the account. If none of these is implicated, the video will contain ads in it.

This is probably the last thing for the client. You have prepared a video where you have promoted their products and before the viewers get to see your ad, they end up watching the ad that has been set which contains your competitive products or brands. This will end up eating up the value of the brand or video.

Why choose Royalty Free Music?

Find out the three prime reasons which show the importance of correct licensing of your music.

You are making use of a music which is not subjected to getting locked or deleted or getting the copyright claims when it has been published online. It means you can easily deliver the end product to your clients without any fear of getting into any legal issues with the music.

You can easily choose to monetize the content you are producing. In case your sole purpose is producing the content for the online channel, you will straight enter into the other room where the ads will be displayed in your videos. You will not be able to earn money from these videos as it goes straight to the producer or the artist of the music. All you need is to pay to get the music licensed and then earn money from it.

Create identity for the video you made. whether you are producing a content on behalf if the clients or for yourself. If you are making use of a music that shares a great reputation, the chances are always great that it will resonate with your views more than the content. When you are creating an appealing video and adding a great and appropriate music track to it, you are offering something fresh and unique to the world.

What do you think about free music?

If you look for such you will again find many free music available for the views for free. Byt do you have any idea why someone is offering their creativity for free?

Poor quality: The chances are always high that the free music you are using has a low quality sample. This can be 128KBPS which appears suitable but when it is played with high quality content, it will sound muted and quiet. This is certainly not as great as others. Once the music has been licensed from the library, it must be available in a great broadcasting quality.

Free but in exchange for revenue and ads:

The creator of the music might be offering the music for free with the exchange for the ad revenue via Facebook and YouTube. Hopefully after reading the above mentioned information, you must be aware that the presence of an ad which could be from your competitor can hamper the overall purpose of the video.

Where can I go for music licensing?

Well there are several names available in the market who offer music licensing. Music of the Sea is certainly one of the major choices when it comes to music licensing services. They have the professionals who have the efficacy to make quick responses and offer licensing for your music. Moreover, if you are a newcomer, their catalogue becomes beneficial for you.  

So without any further ado, just get in touch with Music of the Sea.

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