How is printing on canvas done?

Posted by juliabennet on November 21st, 2012

A print on canvas looks really astounding simply because of the different look it has. There is this slightly glossy look of the print where each and every color seems to stand out on its own. Some colors are prominent while others are muted to create that special effect. It takes someone really good to make a great canvas. You could be looking at an artist for this where there needs to considerable investment in time and money or you could be looking at a graphic artist that can do printing on canvas in less time and with you spending less money.

A print on canvas is done by printing an image onto a canvas. It is then stretched to the size as desired by you. It can also be gallery wrapped onto a frame. When a proper printing on canvas is done it can be used to great effect as a part of the interior design of your home. Through the use of technology the same oil painting or acrylic painting look is given to a photo as you see in an original canvas.

Offset printing has been used for ages for reproducing artworks created by masters. An original Van Gogh or a Monet is a single piece and only one person can own it. It could be a museum or a private collector. And these artworks are so splendid that most people in the world would love to posses them. Since that is not possible reproductions are made and they also sell at high costs. Earlier on dye sublimation was used for the process and now digital inkjet printing is used for printing on canvas. The latter process of print on canvas is also called giclée.

For rendering photos on canvas cotton or cheaper poly canvas is used. However, for the best quality canvas finish canvases made of pure cotton are used. This ensures that there is no change in the original colors. Thanks to the modern digital printing technology an image can be really stretched and perfect images can be rendered on canvases that are as large as 59 inches in size. The modern technology involves rendering the image directly on the canvas. The printing is done at a slow speed to ensure that the quality of the image is not diminished even when its overall look is changed to a canvas look.

Once the printing on canvas is completed the image is framed. Traditional stretcher bars are used for gluing the image to. Sometimes wooden panels, usually made of pine, are used. The end product is a gallery wrap that can be hung on the wall. Proper framing is done by professionals to offer a three dimensional look to the image.

This is what printing on canvas is all about. There are websites that can print on canvas and create excellent images for you. You can have one of your photos done on canvas or choose to use one of the stock photos available with these websites.

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