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Posted by juliabennet on November 21st, 2012

Thanks to photo canvas technology now you can have some of your photos converted to canvas and make them time immemorial. If you see a canvas photo you can immediately make out the difference. A digital photo, no matter how good it is, can never match the effect of a canvas photo. People who realize this often opt for canvas photo prints for their favorite photos.

Can any photo be converted to a canvas? With the kind of technology that is available today, yes. A photo canvas can be created from any photo – a modern digital photo or photos taken from a traditional camera. Even photo negatives can be converted to canvases. However, there are certain additional steps that are involved in making canvas photo prints of old photos.

Take a paper photo taken from a traditional camera. If you want to convert it to a canvas you just need to scan it and send to the service provider. There are certain limits that you need to adhere to but that shouldn’t be a problem for you. Those websites that convert old photos and negatives into canvases offer enough information on their websites to make life easy for you. Once the photo is scanned and sent it is stretched to the size you would want for your canvas and the appropriate finishing is done. Once the photo canvas is ready it is sent to you.

As far as digital photos are concerned one needs to know about the right size of canvas photo prints that they can get done. Again you have plenty of information available online. For example, if you click a photo using a 10 mega pixel camera the best quality canvas can be of the size 48 inches by 40 inches. If you want a square canvas then the best quality canvas will be 40 inches by 40 inches.

But it is not important for you to know these things in details. When you visit a website for creating photo canvas they tell you about the best size possible. When you upload a digital photo its size is automatically calculated and the optimum size of the canvas is mentioned for your reference. It is best to stay within the limits mentioned because this will only offer the best canvas look to your photo.

In canvas photo prints the photos are stretched. You may be aware that pixels make up photos. When a photo is stretched the pixels are stretched. If they are stretched too much the photo is distorted. This is where expert opinion matters. You should adhere to the instructions of the website and the quality of the canvas is bound to be fantastic. And of course, you will do well to select the right frames and mats for that great effect. Since you can preview your photo every step of the way it is easy to choose the right options.

Go for canvas photo prints for your favorite images. A photo canvas can create a really special effect.

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