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Posted by maryparker on November 22nd, 2012

Clauses that regard termination of employment are often subject of disputes and in most cases go to court because there is often a chance for employers to misinterpret them or even commit certain abuses. If these clauses are not correctly worded that may happen. It is the duty of the future employee to require professional help of an employment lawyer. Law firms can provide experts in employment legislation, who are able to give pertinent legal solutions supposed to avoid any future conflict issued from equivocal wording or omission of some contract clauses. It is indispensable that the future employee asks for a qualified opinion of employment law solicitors before it is too late and the contract is already signed.

Wrongful termination of employment often wells out of contracts with problems, never revised by employment law solicitors. Your employer’s decision of ending your employment contract this way may however offer you the chance of some kind of compensation, but you should be aware of it. Here comes the contribution of the lawyer, who is qualified to find the legal way to get the most out of the contract clauses for the employee.

If the termination of employment is by initiative of your employer, you may probably have certain rights, such as claiming wrongful dismissal or some kind of breach of contract. The terms of the contract may allow you to obtain compensation for your financial loss. Certain statutory rights may also be accessed if you find legal assistance and the contract allows such interpretation.

In certain cases, an expressed termination provision may not be specified in employment contracts. What you can do if things are this way is to claim for the so called reasonable notice and let the court decide on the length of this reasonable notice from case to case. What the court analyses when such a claim is presented is a series of elements, such as the length of the employment, the value of the salary package and the seniority of the employee. For instance, an employee who has been assigned a senior level position for more than one or two years is expected to receive a notice between six and twelve months, based on the level of the salary package. In this case maybe more than in others, obtaining legal advice as soon as possible is vital, since the court decides on an individual basis and the employee is probably not able to get the most out of this claim without professional assistance of a lawyer.

The presence of a termination clause in your employment contract does not permit automatic or unrestricted actions of your employer meant to end your contract. Asking for legal assistance may help you to prevent such denouement. You just have to fight legally and claim your rights, which you should know perfectly.

Employment law solicitors have adequate expertise related to termination of employment rights and any employee who is facing such a situation should look for professional assistance to get the most out of the employment contract clauses.

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